Foldable display Stories November 12, 2018

The hottest thing in the Android world right now is foldable displays. Formally announced at the Android Developer Summit and demonstrated at the Samsung Developer Conference, these promise to change the way we use Android. To help prepare for this future, Google is showing off a new feature called multi-resume that app developers can start using today.

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Foldable display Stories November 9, 2016


It feels like we’ve been hearing about foldable smartphones for a while, especially from Samsung. There have been leaks and¬†patents over the years, but today, a new patent application by Samsung has revealed new renders of the device which give us a clearer idea of what to expect in the “Samsung Galaxy X.”

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Foldable display Stories May 31, 2016

Foldable Galaxy PatentThere’s only so many ways you can shape a rectangular slab and call it a smartphone, right? Well, the tech industry is seemingly realizing so. We have seen glimpses of more radical change with LG‘s and Samsung‘s devices in the past few years, and Google is now pushing things even forward with its modular Project Ara smartphone.

But Samsung’s ambitions are far from being stopped by the Galaxy S7 edge‘s success, and as a new patent shows (via Patently Mobile), the Korean giant is apparently bringing the whole concept a big step further…

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Foldable display Stories November 6, 2013

The video may be slightly cringeworthy (hot girls are always turned on by geek tech, right?), but the concept is certainly an exciting one: a foldable display which allows a pocketable smartphone to unfold or unroll into a tablet …¬† expand full story

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