GIF Stories February 16, 2017

Facebook Messenger now supports sending GIFs via Gboard

GIFs are commonplace in our conversations today, and messaging apps are constantly taking advantage of them and making it easier to insert them into a conversation. Facebook Messenger added native support for GIF search last year, and now it’s adding further support for GIFs on Android by taking advantage of Gboard’s built-in search feature…

GIF Stories February 5, 2017

Twitter for Android will soon support Android 7.1’s GIF keyboard

There wasn’t all that much new in Android 7.1, but among the notable features was the ability to insert GIFs directly into conversations via certain keyboard apps like Gboard. However, this wasn’t a system-wide change, rather being enabled on an app-by-app basis. Now, it seems Twitter has flipped the switch on this feature…

GIF Stories January 21, 2016


Feature Request is a new regular 9to5Google series where authors offer their opinion on how to improve popular hardware or software products.

I think most of us who have used it are aware that Android Wear isn’t exactly a complete platform yet. It feels a little beta-ish. And that’s okay for now. One of the best things about Google’s software efforts is that we get to go along for the ride as it publicly experiments and launches new features. It’s not a case of waiting for months, or years, for it to secretly ‘perfect’ its product before telling us we’re ready for it.

Android Wear is still young enough that there’s plenty Google could change without upsetting the apple cart too much. One feature I think should be implemented soon (this year if possible) is a Force Touch-like technology. In other words: Android Wear should have a deeply engrained system to take advantage of pressure-sensitive touchscreen displays…

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GIF Stories June 18, 2014

Twitter users can now share animated GIFs on Android, iPhone and the web

The internet is a strange place. While you’d probably think that the World Wide Web’s rapid pace would be filled with short-lived trends, some things are making a comeback. The Graphics Interchange Format better known as the GIF was created by Steve Wilhite and introduced by CompuServe way back in 1987.Extremely popular in the 90s, these retro animated images have returned to the web and are flooding social media networks. Not being outdone by its competition, Twitter has finally adopted this classic piece of web culture, but you probably gathered that already by reading the title of this news article.

GIF Stories July 3, 2013

Google+ now shows previews of videos with animated GIFs

It’s no secret that Google+ has become one of the ultimate sources for animated GIFs, supporting features such as Auto Awesome, which automatically turns a series of pictures into GIFs. Now, the company is rolling out a new feature that allows you to preview a video in animated GIF fashion. Unfortunately, this does not include YouTube videos, but rather videos uploaded straight to Google+. 

GIF Stories May 9, 2013


Columbia Glacier Retreat Lake Urmia Drying Up

Google has provided these incredible animated GIFs illustrating the Earth’s landscape changes over the decades for Time‘s Timelapse project.

The images show deforestation in the Amazon of Brazil, glaciers retreating in Alaska, and lakes drying up in Las Vegas sprawls as well as other landscapes.

Check out more illustrations below…

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