Google Cloud Next '20 Stories May 19

Back in March, Google switched Cloud Next to a digital format before delaying it to an unspecified date. The enterprise conference is now called Google Cloud Next ’20: OnAir and will be a “nine-week, in-depth digital event series.”

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Google Cloud Next '20 Stories March 17

In addition to I/O for consumers and developers, Google hosts Cloud Next for its enterprise and productivity offerings. In light of COVID-19, the company switched to a “Digital Connect” format and kept the same April 6-8 dates. Google this morning announced that it’s delaying the digital version of Cloud Next due to the coronavirus.

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Google Cloud Next '20 Stories March 2

Before I/O in May, Google hosts a developer conference for G Suite, Cloud, and other enterprise offerings. Google announced today it’s canceling the in-person Cloud Next for a “free, global, digital-first, multi-day event” over coronavirus concerns.

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Google Cloud Next '20 Stories January 9

Google opens registration for Cloud Next ’20 in San Francisco

Next to I/O, Google’s other important yearly conference is Cloud Next. It has a larger audience by targeting enterprise executives and administrators in addition to developers. Google Cloud Next ’20 will be hosted from April 6-8 with registration now open.

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