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We’ve heard that Google Voice is getting dragged to the trash can and most of its functionality will be incorporated into the G+ Hangouts apps on both Android and iOS. This has already happened to an extent with the ability to phone friends on Hangouts, but we’re hearing the full shuttering and depreciation of the app is the next step.

What’s interesting here is that VoIP-to-phones is expected to be integrated into the Hangouts iOS and Android apps so that, just like with the Web version, you could be able to actually make (and receive) VoIP calls directly from your Google phone number. Whether the carriers and Apple are okay with this isn’t certain, and the thought is that it could be enabled by carrier like Apple’s FaceTime (or could be scrapped altogether) depending on the global market and the carrier.

Google recently allowed Hangouts to take over the SMS functionality of Android phones, and as Android Police points out in the image above, the direction in which Google is trending seems to be pushing all telephony communications into Hangouts.

The VoIP functionality would allow those willing to trust Google with their number to have a way to drop their carrier voice plans altogether – an extremely controversial move and one we’d expect to see challenged by carriers.

No specific timing on the Google Voice migration was given, but it is said to be “months out” which would make Google I/O a good bet for an announcement. The move is part of a larger overhaul on the company’s apps which we’ll have more info on later this week.

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115 Responses to “Google plans to kill Google Voice in coming months, integrate features into Hangouts”

  1. Enough pain already .. due workplace’s OLD windows .. can no longer generate GV call from Contacts. Either use desk phone call GV# + access + destination, manually or use smartphone. Please, motivate me to use a trustworthy VOIP provider … as is inbound GV calls usually now hangup before I have a chance to answer land or call.

  2. kevingabbert says:

    It has been over a year and my Google voice is running just fine. Hangouts is integrated with GV, not replaced by it. I rather like how both my computer and phone will ring at the same time, allowing me to take the call with either.

  3. It’s here. I can feel voice gasping…. no more caller ID on SMS or calls on my mobile, doesn’t seem tied to contacts, etc. I didn’t like the hangout integration originally, but tried it again today and it seems to be a bit better. MMS at least.

  4. It’s been over a year since this article was first posted, so I guess we have to interpret ‘months’ rather liberally in this case. :)

  5. doktorthomas2 says:

    There is little likable about Google (it really is a useless monstrosity), but Voice was one great feature. All the rest of its ventures are crapware at its purest. I disdain Google all the more for their abandonment of voice. I have a bunch of gmail accounts–I’ll be leaving them for safer more secure services elsewhere. I hope the demise of Google is long and extremely painful and financially devastating for the idiots there. ©2015

    • Danny Loftin says:

      You’re an idiot to call Google useless… To see useless, look in the mirror… If you are worth Multi-Billions of dollars, then your opinion might matter, otherwise, hush up… Or better yet, Google IDIOT and see if your pic comes up in Google Images…

      • Danny, take a chill pill. It’s his opinion. Everybody doesn’t have to like it. Unless you invented google, you need to hush up & let people be entitled to their opinion!

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  7. Chris Stovic says:

    As it stands now switch to “skypes” and forget googl. Skypes is Microsoft product and it is in
    competition with google.

  8. Chris Stovic says:

    I try the last 3 days to connect with contact Numbers I have and never made a contact.
    For me it looks like they already killed the google voice. I have few dollars in the account
    when I was making calls over sea. That would have to stop. Once I go wireless for me it
    will be erelavent if I have google or not.

  9. So, I keep hearing February 15, 2015 is the end of Google Voice as we know it. It’s going to ‘Hangouts’?? I can’t seem to get a clear explanation anywhere I look. I like my GV just the way it is, and now they’re going to ‘fix’ it? Great, just GREAT!

  10. Gordon Toudt says:

    However. Gone are the functional key features, date and time stamp. the ability to set up a contact list in Hangouts does not exist unless they are in Google + Many people do not want Google+

  11. Ryan Tilton says:

    We have an alternative that works better than Google Voice when it comes to VoIP calling. It’s not free like GV but it’s so inexpensive and carries the best value.

    Vestalink voip service will meet your needs. It’s almost a drop-in replacement for Google Voice. ( )

    Vestalink works on Android and Apple devices as well as OBi’s and any other device that uses SIP. It rings all your phones at once if you want it to, has E911 service, and lots of nice call treatments and privacy options.
    It allows you to spoof your outgoing call number to match any other phone number you own. You will love it. :-)

  12. Love It! I may use this instead of my carrier, and just get a hot spot..

  13. Pretty useless now since you need a carrier to use SMS with Hangouts. That leaves that feature totally useless on a tablet with only wifi or even on an android phone when only wifi is available for a solid connection.

    • I have A WIFI only tablet, no computer and 3 phone numbers. Skype, Google, and Ooma. With these changes I feel as if I’m being strangled. I have no desire to keep up with technology, couldn’t afford it anyway on SS. I was relying intirely on Google and I feel they’ve let me down and will soon trample on me.

  14. pressefr says:

    I heard about you’re integration of Google Voice and Google Hangout, Okay I can see that happening as Google Voice merges into Google Hangout in-app, I can easily switch between which medium to send a message with a drop down tab; Google Hangout, Real Number, or Google Voice Number. Without switching between 3 apps, it’s all toggled into one messenger neatly. Though, if they are going to do that, then they should mold the same concept to answering calls on Gmail. The older version you have a dial pad to make calls and a tricky way bring up a Google Hangout message if they are not pre-listed. The new version you only have Google Hangout, messaging, video, however making a call… Um… Where is it? You have to go into Google Voice and call by e-mail and answer from Gmail work around.

  15. pressefr says:

    Okay I can see that happening as Google Voice merges into Google Hangout in-app, I can easily switch between which medium to send a message with a drop down tab; Google Hangout, Real Number, or Google Voice Number. Without switching between 3 apps, it’s all toggled into one messenger neatly. Though, if they are going to do that, then they should mold the same concept to answering calls on Gmail. The older version you have a dial pad to make calls and a tricky way bring up a Google Hangout message if they are not pre-listed. The new version you only have Google Hangount, messaging, video, however making a call… Um… Where is it? You have to go into Google Voice and call from e-mail and answer from Gmail work around.

  16. pressefr says:

    Okay I can see that happening as Google Voice merges into Google Hangout in-app, I can easily switch between which medium to send a message to with a drop down tab via my Google Hangout, Real Number, or Google Voice Number. Without switching between 3 apps, it’s toggled into one messenger instead. If they are going to do that, then they should mold the same concept to answering calls on Gmail. The older version you have a dial pad to make calls and a tricky way bring up a Google Hangout. The new version you only have Google Hangout, messaging, video, however making a call… Um… Where is it? You have to go into Google Voice and call from e-mail and answer from Gmail work around.

  17. So, what happens to all the callers that only have your Google Voice number? Will it still forward them to your cell, home, or voicemail as directed by created forwarding rules?

  18. Why is everyone so mad about Google voice integration? I actually like the idea. I’ve been trying to do this already on my nexus with Voice+.

    Most likely everyone will keep their old numbers, and it will be just like texting with your carrier phone number. Only problem is how will people be able to call with their Goole voice number, since VoIP will no longer work. Whatsapp works in this actually, check here for a beta insight. I can already decide to call people with my carrier or google voice number, it shows up every time I dial someone.

    Google certainly needs uniformity and hangouts is going to be it.

  19. What people are missing here is that carriers want us to use as much data and as fast as we can so they can charge us overage fee. They would be not against it because 3G service are expensive for carriers to maintain with the up coming VoLTE just watch your phone bill sky rocket.

  20. The crap that is Google.
    Hangouts not as good as Talk.
    Locate not as good as Maps.
    New Google Maps not as good as Classic Maps.
    Gmail not as good as 3 years ago.
    Google+ not as good as Buzz.

    Can Google be anymore like Microsoft, IBM, HP, Sun?

  21. Emma Surf says:

    Maybe I’m tired today and missing the obvious, but is anyone else having this problem? Google Voice number forever, person in my contact list calls me, all of a sudden it shows as “unknown number” and makes them go thru the announce I guess because it doesn’t recognize their number as being in the preferred group that skips announcing. However, when the person texts me from the same number on the same day, it shows their name. The voicemail transcript shows “unknown number” but the email text shows name. Did Google make another unannounced change or am I just cursed?

  22. I’m able to initiate and receive phone calls and text messages very easily using the Hangouts app on my ipad air. It’s convenient, easy and free, and works really well. BUT what drives me crazy is when working at my computer, which I do a lot, incoming Google Voice calls always open a Hangout to receive the call.

    This process takes so long that I miss more calls than I can answer. It is really annoying, and as far as I can tell no way to just answer the calls with a simple pop up call receiver rather than a Hangout. The hangout auto opens Hangout Toolbox before it will answer the call, and that’s annoying too, I don’t need Toolbox for just receiving a phone call.

    I love Hangouts, use them a lot, host client meetings, workshops, training sessions using Hangouts. BUT I really wish my phone calls didn’t need to go through Hangouts.

  23. tekjunkie818 says:

    U have got to be kidding me!!?! Some of us, most that I know can’t stand “hangouts” And avoid it completely, they shoulda left it at “TALK” AND leave voice as voice, I use voice religiously.. sorry google I swear by you but can’t support this disaster

  24. @shane: sorry brother, but you don’t really think they care about your opinion, do you? Leave them? You just said you can’t live without them!

    Google: “Google by numbers: 100 million active Google+ users, 350 chrome users, 800 million YouTube users” – Yahoo news (google it)

    “…Android is on fire, and the pace of mobile innovation has never been greater. Over 850,000 devices are activated daily through a network of 55 manufacturers and more than 300 carriers…Over one million businesses now use Google’s advertising products” – 2012 (two years ago!!) letter from Google CEO

    “Google Inc. revenues for the quarter ended March 31, 2014 were $15.42 billion, representing a 19% increase over first quarter of 2013 revenues of $12.95 billion.” Google Q1 Financial Highlights

    We all have a right to have our statistically insignificant, commercially irrelevant opinions… until Google does away with that service too.

  25. Shane Lear says:

    Wow. This is making me rethink my overall use of Google’s products. I use Google Voice CONSTANTLY to send and receive phone calls, voicemails and SMS messages. I am a Sprint customer, so I opted to have Google Voice integrated with my service. I can’t imagine living without it any more than I can Gmail.

    I’m kind of over the constant tampering with perfectly good products. It’s confusing and annoying and I’ve got better things to do with my time than ask “How high?” every time they say, “Jump!”.

    They disappointed me when they discontinued Google Reader and I’m especially annoyed that I have to pay for additional space in my Google Drive. So many other companies like AOL and Yahoo give you unlimited amounts of space, so I’m questioning why I should use Google.

    I’ll be damned if I’m going to be sucked into another terrific product, only for them to drop it two or three years later. I think they’re shooting themselves in the foot with all of their unbridled expansions.

    • Well, they were apperantly just going to move it over to hangouts.

      I believe the upshot is that they would actually maintain it.

      • ^^This. @Shane i felt the same way at first. Had the same setup voice was everything. Started using hangouts and i kinda like a central hub to do whatever i wanted. like @C4Vi said They’re just moving it over. I kinda love Hangouts right now. Been using for a month. Its great. Try it out. -Later ;)

      • Yeah, it means that the team that works on GV, will be integrated into Hangouts, and it will actually be maintained….. the GV app on android and iOS hasn’t been updated save for ONE security update in the past two years…..

  26. I think just about every move google has made in the past two years has made its products worse.

  27. Ricky Leung says:

    It sounds to me that google want to step by step force people link up your mobile phone with your it is easier for them to track every user’s habits and information, at home or on the way. Think about NSA

  28. They’re going down the wrong road. If they persist, I’m worried about having anything secure or private.

  29. Mannnnn, this totally sucks for the past year and a half I have been using GV & Talkatone, Amazing, Great service ,LOVED IT. Verizon was being funky after me being a consumer for 15 years. I told them to kiss my A$$. For for a a year and change, NO PROBLEMS, till a few weeks ago, when they turned it all off. Talkatone cant work with Gvoice etc. So I put in the gvoice app, hangouts app, EHHHHH cant make or receive calls, Totally wackkkkkkk. I would like to tell someone at Google, Hey, give us the unlimited voip service on my cell, id gladly pay for it . I rather pay them a small fee each month, them pay verizon. Seriously. I sat for DAYS!!!!!! tryign to figure out another pattern, connecting calls to other apps. etc. NO LUCK! if anyone find away around this can someone inbox me the method. Right now i can only receive voice mail and text messages, SUCKS! swift AT djnproject DOT com >Any help is greatly appreciated

    • Mark Bierman says:

      Get a new number with GrooveIP through, then forward your GVoice# to t he new number. Took a few days to propagate, but works for me now.

      • Kien T. Han says:

        Can you give me a detailed instruction? I’d appreciate it.

      • Mark Bierman says:

        If you install the GrooveIP app on your phone, it will immediately prompt you to create a account. Then, when you get the new phone number through, add it to your Google Voice account, where you forward phone calls in settings…

      • talkatone was unreliable although i used it for over a year. i then moved onto using a SIP client softphone on both iphone and android… the call quality was sooo much better than talkatone and talkatone is way better than grooveip. that one is a joke. i will attempt to email u but if u dont get it then email me at ‘jeremy dot m dot williams at gmail dot com’

  30. I dont really get the point of intergrating HANG OUT’S with SMS… I mean if you cant go to google + on your computer and see text messages sent directly to phone numbers, why intergrate it then? Not everyone uses GHO…

  31. When is this going to happen? When will Google voice support MMS/group text like iMessage? Once this is finally done can we group message with iMessage people? This is killing me. hurry!! Google look at yourself in the mirror. you’re GOOGLE, you can do this. I believe in you. especially for nexus 7 tablets. yeah, that’s right. it’s home run time. point to the left field fence and just start swinging. I’ll be the guy painted head to toe in GOOGLE colors. you go this. Please and thank you. I love you. bye.

  32. I realize that I cought Google in transition but there are some fundamental issues that need to be addressed with all of this. First; why do I need access to a desktop or laptop to register? It’s pointless. Second; if I already have a phone number, why would I use this? Third; there is alrrady a messaging app in stock android. This should intergrate with stock dialer and messaging to create seamless dialing without going all over the internet to download all sorts of things to use with a phone number. I am on a tablet and even I still have the dialer (that I cannot get to work) along with the telephony and messaging apps. Why should I need to download 3rd party software just to call over wifi? So your solution is hangouts? Yeah right. Here’s an idea: add functionality to the dialer.apk telephony.apk and messaging.apk to support calling/sms/mms over wifi. Hangouts is just a load of crap.

  33. Mark Bierman says:

    This is kind of a nightmare. I have been using Google Voice as my main “cell” phone number, through GrooveIP for a long time now, and all of a sudden things are not working as they were, and for whatever reason I only found out today about the change, after the fact of course.

    My current recourse (propagating as I type) has been to get a new # through (which uses GrooveIP) and just set up forwarding with my existing google voice number. This is because I simply do not use a cell phone service, I only care about being able to use the “phone” when I am in a WIFI area.

    My real question is, I was going to buy a Nexus 5 phone, and utilize the same setup, but now I am wondering if it will even work. I dont know how to find out if the Nexus 5 will work with this scenario, or, if not, what and WHEN Googles plans are to re-establish inbound / outbound calling through my Google Voice number with Hangouts, I guess (which, btw, is a really stupid name and an even worse interface for all this).

  34. shle896 says:

    So does this mean the end of Google Voice on mobile phones altogether. I use Voice that is integrated with Sprint and it’ dead simple and I love that it rings all my phones, blocks calls, transcribes voicemails, etc. Otherwise, what’s the point? I don’t like Hangouts, so if this is true, I’ll be beyond disappointed and won’t use the service. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, for God’s sake. This blows.

  35. Xtian Jax says:

    Here is some updated information on Making Phone Calls within Hangout:

    Call a phone from Hangouts

    You can place calls to landline and mobile phones from Hangouts in Gmail, Google+, and the Chrome extension. Calls made to the U.S. and Canada are free and other calls can be made at our low rates.

    But to receive calls in Hangouts or get access to the complete set of Google Voice features, you must upgrade to a full Google Voice account, which is currently only available in the US.

    You cannot place or receive emergency service calls by making a call in Hangouts.

    Make a call from Hangouts on your computer

    Open Hangouts in Gmail or Google+.
    Gmail: Click on the Hangouts icon in the bottom-left corner of the Gmail window.
    Google+: Click on the Hangouts icon in the top-right corner of the Google+ window.
    Click the search button.
    Click the phone button.
    Type the person’s name or phone number into the search box or scroll through your Hangouts list. If you’re placing an international call, you can select the applicable country code by clicking the flag drop-down or by typing it directly into the search box (i.e. +55 for Brazil).
    When you’ve found the person you wish to call, click their phone number.
    An audio-only Hangout window will open, and Hangouts will dial the phone number you selected.
    Dial an extension: If you are calling a phone number that has an extension, click the dial pad button, and use the dial pad that appears to enter the extension.
    When you’ve finished the call, click the hang-up button or close the Hangout window.

    Contacts with a phone number

    If a contact has made their phone number visible to you on their Google+ profile, the number will appear when you search for the person in your Hangouts list. The person and their number will also appear if you’ve saved their contact information in Google Contacts.

    Caller ID for calls placed in Hangouts

    When you make a call in Hangouts, the Caller ID will show the number as “unknown,” and can’t receive phone calls. But if you’re making a call through Hangouts with a full Google Voice account (U.S. only), your Google Voice number will display when you place calls.

  36. Xtian Jax says:

    Here is the issue that I am currently experiencing:

    I can SMS in Google Voice, but cannot Make/Receive calls.

    I can Make/Receive in Hangouts, but cannot SMS.

    When you click on a hyperlink to dial a number (from within a browser; e.g. Chrome) it automatically defaults to Google Voice which will not dial the number. Is there a work around to change this feature.

  37. Johny Doe says:

    This blows, i wanna keep my number with Google. And i cant stand Hangouts, I disable it every chance i get.

  38. iPhone users have had this feature for the past year.

    But… doesn’t Google make Android?!

  39. Whenever Google develops or gets its mitts on a good product, it later finds a way to screw it up and piss off customers. Seems like that’s a business model well suited to an arrogant, monopolistic attitude towards customers but not a great one for staying in business for the long term. The moment an alternative comes along, customers will leave Google in droves. Google makes the mistake of assuming there will never be any alternatives.

  40. As with many others here expressing the same concerns. I too hope that most of the functionality of Google Voice gets migrated over. It would suck if it didn’t. Google Voice (in it’s current configuration) is, IMHO, one of the best and most useful services Google has ever put out. And I echo many of the concerns others have already posted here.

  41. Unlike the Google Voice API, there is no 3rd party access to Hangouts. Google has now, officially, done evil. I will miss innovators, such as the GrowlVoice developer.

  42. I HATE that they’re trying to make me use a Facebook copy to continue using Google Voice’s features.

  43. I won’t have a problem with it being in hangouts as long as I keep my number and can use it.

  44. We use Voice all day, everyday to text and call our employees who are out in the field as well as clients. This has been the best way for us to communicate because it allows everyone in the office to see incoming texts (we use the desktop version, and the app) and we are all able to respond as needed. I very sincerely hope that Google will not do-away with this function! From what I have seen of Hangouts, you can only send emails (from the desktop) and I tried to make a call which used the speakers/ mic on my computer instead of ringing the office line. I also tried to send a text to a phone, which I was not able to do.
    I know they have not integrated the system yet, but we are a bit worried…

  45. Bob Buchko says:

    I realize Google is merging Voice with Hangouts (potentially), but I sincerely hope some of the less-used but more powerful functionality makes it across. I love being able to ring multiple phones and customize where calls go based on time of day and contact groups.

    On an aside, why can I not register with my Google account on

  46. After voice is integrated into hangouts the next image should be the phone app and hangouts LOL

  47. I like Google voice. They are a great company and know what they’re doing. I never complain about services I get for free…

    • Terry Pounds says:

      Just wanted to say that a lot of people refer to Google Voice as to being free. Google Voice is not free there is a lot of personal information given out when having a Google Voice account. One of the biggest reasons Google was so successful was because we the users agreed to let Google use our personal information for marketing purposes and tracking of every move of our lifestyles. We let them track our lifestyles because Google gives us things for free, and we give them things back which makes it not free.

      For us giving so much to Google and making them filthy rich, is it too much to ask for a “Free Google Voice Service”? Everything cost so much every service wants to charge a fee. Internet Service Providers want to tier the internet and then it will be a super boring world on the internet. I think I will be so distrusted that I would give up the internet all together, and I doubt I am the only one that feels this way.

      • Bob: I need to find a place to get cat food. Do you know of one nearby?
        Alice: Have you tried searching on
        Bob: No, is it free to use?
        Alice: No.
        Bob: How much does it cost to use this “google” to magically find things?
        Alice: Nothing. However, Google uses that information for marketing and puts some ads on the page and makes money off of you using it.
        Bob: So it’s free.
        Alice: No.
        Bob: Well, nevermind. Hey, I heard about a great website called that has tons of great cat picture. Have you used it before?
        Alice: I don’t use Reddit.
        Bob: Why not?
        Alice: It’s not free.
        Bob: You pay money to look at cat pictures?
        Alice: No, but there are occasionally ads. So it’s not free.

  48. Bought a GVMate a couple of weeks ago that will continue to work with Google Hangouts and sold my Obi100 on Ebay. Plugged it into my old Windows XP laptop that I will probably dedicate to it when I upgrade my laptop next month. Works just fine and it was really easy to set up. Just plugged it in and signed in using the Gmail account I used with my Obi100. I like getting the caller name on my phone display that I didn’t get using the Obi100.

  49. Steven Buehler says:

    Very much will suck for those Sprint PCS users who have Google Voice integrated into their service for texting and voicemail.

    • It won’t. The same functionality will be there. It’ll all show up in hangouts instead. Hangouts will become the one place for phone calls, text messages, and voice messages.

      • smilingbee2 says:

        My dying question: will we still be able to use cell phone minutes with the integrated google voice/hangouts app? I need my phone minutes overseas when I make calls to the US via Goog voice. Data roaming costs too much and I don’t always have wifi.

      • Ms. Pris says:

        I don’t think you are understanding. Those of us with Google Voice Integration don’t use the Voice app to use Google Voice. It’s just integrated into the phone, without an app. So for this to “show up” in Hangouts would break the integration.

    • THAT service already sucked.If it goes, good riddance.

  50. If it allows me to text people like the current voice does, I’m fine with it. I don’t want to voice someone to sign up for google+ just so I can text them. Also, it’d be nice to send/receive MMS. If they can do it with hangouts, by ALL MEANS take voice away.

    • Are you able to do this on Android? I can’t text people in Hangouts right now because it wants to use my carrier texting plan and I have that disabled. I’ve been using Google Voice which uses the data plan only. Maybe this is a Verizon issue.

  51. Answer me one question. Can you SMS and make calls OVER WIFI ??
    I use GrooveIP for this right now, and Hangouts does not allow this with my carrier. So there will be loss of functionality when Google shuts down the XMPP protocol

    • perealb says:

      Yes. On iOS, you can make and receive calls and text over WIFI on the Hangouts app. So, you can basically buy an iPod and turn it into a phone (assuming you are connected to a wifi).

    • This is the big question I’m waiting for an answer to. Personally, I don’t care about making calls over IP (wifi). I’m fine with the way Google routs calls using other phone numbers or whatever they do, and using my regular plans voice minutes. I don’t make that many calls. But I disabled SMS on my carrier plan years ago and have been using Google Voice for SMS ever since. I am hopeful that this feature will remain (I currently cannot use Hangouts for SMS because it wants to use carrier plan and not IP) and I am hopeful that MMS with my Google Voice number will be added. That’s the one I’ve been waiting for for a long time.

  52. Sam Dunham says:

    Some of y’all are freaking out for no reason. The headline is terrible, so I get it. Google is not “killing” Google Voice. They’re merging Google Voice functionality into Hangouts. They ARE, however, killing the Google Voice API. Which means that third party apps that currently use Voice will cease to function once the merger is complete.

    Your Voice number is not going away. Voice functionality is not going away. They’re simply replacing the Voice app and shunting those features over to Hangouts (and, as mentioned by others, this is already available on iOS). I’ve been anxiously awaiting this, as third party solutions (like GrooveIP) are very kludgey and don’t work well or reliably.

  53. 13gp9 says:

    I think integration is going to be a great thing. I also believe having the chance to use VoIP services in addition to regular cellular services should be the way to go. I don’t think we can do a way with cell services completely. My two cents.

  54. xiaowei75 says:

    It looks great.
    One day when google voice integrate features into hangouts, it will be a great convenience.

  55. Yeah a bit of a misleading title, they’re just rebranding it basically. Sometimes I wonder why I cling onto Skype as much as I do, Google Hangout is a better product.

    – Ryan,

    • I am not a lover of skype, yet I use it my work to record interviews or other phone based audio feeds. I use skype as I can open it and make the ‘phone’ connection and easily conference others in. I do Not love the degradation of Skype service.
      That all said, G Hangout is not all that user friendly for a non-tech person. I really like G Hangout’s audio and video stream quality. I look forward to seeing a more Really-Non-Techy [newbies] use ability!

  56. feels like google voice getting killed is a bit excessive of an headliner, wouldn’t re-architected be more appropriate? obviously not as attention getting but we all know gVoice has been neglected for too long so maybe this is your way to get google to finally speak more positively of the fate of google voice?

  57. Title is confusing and seems to be worrying a lot of people. When Google merged SMS/MMS into Hangouts App on android, they “killed off” the Messaging app… it’s no longer on Nexus devices. At that time, they said they’d like to integrate Google Voice features into Hangouts to allow SMS with your Google Voice number from within hangouts. That’s old news.

    The article itself gives no indication that Google plans to kill Google Voice (the service), just Google Voice (the android app). So I think people should take a deep breath and not worry.

    That said, Google did say a long time ago that they planned to eventually charge for GVoice. I used to get emails that said “US numbers and calling will be free for another year”. IDK if charging for GVoice is still in their long term plans or not. But it doesn’t sound like the service is going away, just how you interact with the service from an android phone (and possibly from a browser).

    • “At that time, they said they’d like to integrate Google Voice features into Hangouts to allow SMS with your Google Voice number from within hangouts. That’s old news.”

      At the current time I can’t send SMS from Hangouts because it tries to use my carrier’s (Verizon) SMS network and I have SMS disabled on my plan (because I’ve been using Google Voice for texting for years). I hope this gets resolved. I thought I had one final phone number I could use forever (well, a very long time).

  58. James Katt says:

    I hate it that Google Voice needs access to your phonebook’s names, addresses, and phone numbers. Google gets to collect those.

    • Why wouldn’t it need access to them? Its exactly the point of the program. And they’re collecting them because you agreed to use their software in order to facilitate phone call contact.

      Its like complaining that Gmail needs to access your emails for you to use it.

      Weird complaint.

    • perealb says:

      You don’t have to grant that access if you don’t want – at least not on the iPhone.

  59. If Google is killing Google Voice App, I am ok but if it is killing the service itself (which gives me a way to block callers, forward to more than one phone, etc., it will be an end to me using any Google service. It will be the biggest punch on their user base since Google Reader killing

  60. Let see whats in their for the International Users.

  61. lambright says:

    Changing a logo at Cadillac is not going to make the cars any better.

  62. What’s the source?

  63. I think the title of the article is deceptive in saying “Google plans to kill Google Voice”. Then goes on to say the features will be integrated into Hangouts. Perhaps something more like ‘Google Voice features to get integrated into Google Hangouts.’ The article brings more questions to the table than answers.

  64. Stop using Google services and building on top of them. They cannot be trusted as partners. Earth to google. Not everyone wants to use google hangouts. Stop trying to shove your crap down our throats. Fire that fascist Schmidt already.

  65. perealb says:

    Hangouts can already make and receive calls using Google Voice number.

  66. Uiux Matters says:

    Google needs to let us keep the existing Google Voice number and the Single Number functionality if they are serious about us using Google Services in the future…….

  67. VOIP calling is already available on the iOS app and strangely, not on the Android app

  68. So I keep my Google Voice phone number?

  69. This makes me a bit nervous. I spent $20 to port a number from Verizon to Google Voice last Summer. I don’t want to lose that ported number. But, I don’t think I should be forced to pay another $20 to another carrier/service if I have to port it out of Google Voice.

    Additionally, I wonder if the portability will be available out of Hangouts, just as it is out of Google Voice. Hopefully, that will be addressed by any announcement at Google I/O, rather than as a knee jerk reaction after changes are made.

  70. 01nb says:

    For the love of Dog, please do not kill off the VoIP functionality or the awesome call routing services.

    You charged a lot of people for porting their numbers in to this service, it would be quite the opposite of “Don’t be evil” if you screw those folks who ported their numbers in good faith.