multilang (1)

Google today announced a new feature for its Google Search app for Android, catering to the billions of people in the world who speak more than one language. Previously, you had to manually switch between the language you wanted Google to recognize, but now you’re just a flick of a switch away from being able to speak in multiple languages at once—and Google will be able seamlessly switch with you.

To set up the new feature, the app lets you select up to 5 languages that you want it to be able to recognize. (If you can speak more than 5 languages at once then you’ll have to wait.) Google says that you’ll have to restrict your language switching to at least sentences, meaning you can’t speak a command in English, give it a random word in French, and hope the app has any idea what you mean.

You need the latest version of Google Search for Android to check out the feature (version 3.6), and you can grab it soon on the Play Store. To set up your languages, head to Search & Now -> Voice -> Languages.

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