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We first heard about Google’s “Designed for Families” Play Store program in mid-May, and Google officially announced that it would be adding new family-focused features to the Play Store at Google I/O 2015. Now, a new section labeled as “New Family Fun” is popping up on the Play Store, featuring the friendly star mascot, iconic character categories, and more…

The new “Family” app category includes only apps that have gone through and been approved by a hand-picked selection process. Currently, the top section features apps that are only on Google Play, the second is a “New & Popular” list (assumably, apps that are new and popular), there’s a “Spotlight on Disney” section, a section that sorts apps by character, and more.

If you have a child that uses your Android tablet or smartphone, it’s now a lot easier to find and install apps that you can feel comfortable will be age-appropriate. The sections features everything from the notorious Minecraft, to Lego Star Wars, to creative apps for painting and drawing. As you can see below, the “Popular Characters” section includes apps sorted by “Dora the Explorer,” “Elmo,” “Peppa Pig,” and more.

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Head over to the new section on the web Play Store to check it out, and the mobile version should be rolling out momentarily.

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