AR Emoji Stories July 31, 2018

Samsung updates Galaxy S9’s AR Emoji w/ characters from Disney’s ‘Frozen’

One of the more notable additions to Samsung’s Galaxy S9 lineup earlier this year was AR Emoji, but the feature never really took off for customers. Despite that, Samsung has made a point of updating the product, and this week, new characters from Disney’s Frozen are arriving…

AR Emoji Stories July 23, 2018

Samsung AR Emoji update offers more fine tuning, improved face tracking, hopefully less creepiness

Samsung brings a lot of features to its smartphones, and sometimes they just don’t land the way the company intended. This was the case with AR Emoji on the Galaxy S9, but Samsung aims to improve the feature in a coming update.

AR Emoji Stories June 19, 2018

Daisy Duck and Goofy are Samsung’s latest AR Emoji

Since announcing the Galaxy S9 and S9+, Samsung has released a handful of new AR Emoji including Donald Duck and characters from The Incredibles. Now, the partnership with Disney brings Daisy Duck and Goofy to the AR Emoji lineup.

AR Emoji Stories May 31, 2018

Samsung updates its AR Emoji feature with 18 new animated stickers, even more coming soon

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 family is made up of two really impressive smartphones, but one of the biggest missteps is that of AR Emoji. Despite that, though, Samsung isn’t giving up on the feature, releasing a new update that adds more animated stickers.

AR Emoji Stories May 23, 2018

Samsung didn’t deliver on a ton of new things with the Galaxy S9 family, but one notable new feature was AR Emoji. The feature launched with largely negative feedback, but its one shining feature is the ability to let you pretend to be another character. Now, Samsung is continuing its Disney partnership with characters from The Incredibles.

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AR Emoji Stories March 16, 2018

How to install Mickey and Minnie Mouse AR Emoji on the Samsung Galaxy S9

With today’s official launch of the Galaxy S9 and S9+, Samsung has released a new AR Emoji pack that allows you to look like Disney’s Mickey or Minnie Mouse. Here’s how to install and use the new AR Emojis on your brand new Galaxy flagship smartphone…

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 does a lot of great things with its camera from the variable aperture sensor to the super slow-motion mode. However, AR Emojis don’t fall into that category. With a new add-on, though, there’s at least something kind of fun with them…

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