Brydge Stories May 13, 2019

A month before the Pixel Slate was officially unveiled, Brydge accidentally revealed third-party accessories for the Made by Google tablet. While the G-Type is already available, one device that leaked was not introduced until CES 2019. Brydge this week announced “the first ever dedicated desktop keyboard & touchpad for Chrome OS.”

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Brydge Stories January 14, 2019

Brydge, a company most-known for its very popular detachable iPad keyboards, has recently expanded its business to give some serious attention to a popular Google platform as well. That’s Chrome OS, of course, and the G-Type keyboard for the Pixel Slate was the first out the door last fall. Now, Brydge is showing some more cool stuff at CES.

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Brydge Stories November 28, 2018

Google Pixel Slate definitely isn’t perfect, but it has at least one big thing going for it: its detachable tablet form-factor means you actually get some choice when it comes to keyboards (unlike with a laptop like the Pixelbook). This also means you’re going to have to buy a keyboard if you want one — whether that be a Google-made one or a Made for Google one. At launch there are a couple options to pick from, and the Brydge G-Type might be the best one you can buy right now.

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Brydge Stories October 9, 2018

[Update: More details] Brydge introduces G-Type keyboard for Google Pixel Slate

Coinciding with the announcement of the Google Pixel Slate, premium tablet keyboard maker Brydge has announced the new G-Type keyboard, as an alternative to Google’s official attachable keyboard accessory.

Brydge Stories September 19, 2018

We reported earlier this month that Brydge, known purveyor of premium keyboards for tablets (especially the iPad), was getting into Chrome OS tablets. Now, a leak on Brydge’s own staging Shopify site reveals not one, but two keyboards in full — and what might be some new Google hardware.

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