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October 2017 - July 2022

Made for Google is the line of accessories certified to work with Google’s hardware products such as the Pixel smartphones and Pixelbook Chromebook.

Made for Google Stories July 29

With the Pixel 6 now just over a week old for most owners, the under-display fingerprint sensor has emerged as one of the bigger points of contention. Some are having issues with screen protectors, and Google now offers a list of brands that make accessories certified for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

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Made for Google Stories May 4

In celebration of Star Wars Day, one of the latest Made for Google partners, Casetify, is debuting limited edition Star Wars cases for the Pixel 6 Pro as well as select Samsung smartphones.

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Made for Google Stories March 28

With the Pixel 6 now a few months old, Casetify is the latest accessory maker to release cases for the flagship phones as a Made for Google partner.

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Made for Google Stories August 7, 2020

Review: This Nest Hub Max stand makes the smart display a usable security camera

Google’s Nest Hub Max is an excellent smart display and speaker, but it also has a full security camera built into it. However, the design of the Nest Hub Max makes that camera somewhat useless at times, but I managed to fix that with this handy stand.

Made for Google Stories February 14, 2020

Google and other phone manufacturers put a lot of work into crafting the design of their smartphones, but most of us just end up slapping a case on top. Many cases take away from the look of the device, but brands such as Nomad make them even better. Lately, I’ve been using Nomad’s Rugged leather Pixel 4 case and it’s quickly become a favorite.

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Made for Google Stories December 9, 2019

If you picked up a Pixel 4 over the holiday sales and you’re looking for a case to go with it, products with the “Made for Google” badge are a great place to start. Tech21 is one of the biggest names in that collection, and over the past couple of weeks I’ve spent some time with the company’s Pixel 4 XL accessories.

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Made for Google Stories November 7, 2019

Battery life is not a strength on basically any Pixel smartphones, meaning most users are going to have to find a place to charge at some point throughout the day. If you have a daily commute, iOttie’s new fast wireless car charger is a great, if expensive, option for Pixel owners.

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Made for Google Stories October 15, 2019

Logitech unveils Chrome OS optimized Made for Google mouse and keyboard

On the back of the Made by Google 2019 launch event, peripheral manufacturer Logitech has unveiled a ‘Made for Google’ mouse and keyboard.

Made for Google Stories May 20, 2019

C by GE’s full color ‘Made for Google’ smart bulbs are now available (and on sale)

C by GE was the first brand to help kick off smart home products in the “Made for Google” program, and now the brand is back with some more smart bulbs. This time around, though, the bulbs feature the full RGB spectrum starting at $39.

Made for Google Stories February 21, 2019

Most accessories don’t have the honor of being chosen by Google to give to employees. When Moshi told us that their “Made for Google” Umbra privacy screen protector was included with the Pixelbook in the Google employee welcome kit, we knew we needed to get our hands on one.

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Made for Google Stories February 7, 2019

There are plenty of silly gadgets out on the market today, many of them a combination of necessity and unique technology. With its “Made for Google” EvoType case, that’s exactly what Tech21 has created for the Pixel 3 XL.

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Made for Google Stories February 5, 2019

Google’s work in smartphone cameras is quite simply amazing. Between HDR+ and the black magic that is Night Sight, it’s unparalleled and is a huge reason why the phone sits in my pocket daily. However, it still lacks a lot of the flexibility of a traditional camera. That’s where Moment lenses come in – here’s what they can do with the Google Pixel 3.

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Made for Google Stories January 23, 2019

Smartphone cases are often thought of as a dime a dozen, but for those of us who value protecting our phones, they’re a crucial accessory. There are literally hundreds of Pixel 3 cases out there right now, but lately I’ve been using Nomad’s Rugged Case for the Pixel 3 XL and I’ve got to say, it’s one of the best you can get. Here’s why you should get it now that stock has returned.

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Made for Google Stories January 15, 2019

Like it or not, the headphone jack is (more or less) dying. Considering myself firmly in the “not” category, I’ve delayed in getting Bluetooth headphones for years. The Made for Google lineup for 2018 features a decent variety of Bluetooth headphones. Of these, the Skullcandy Riff Wireless, which we’re reviewing today, are the most accessible at just under $50.

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Made for Google Stories January 10, 2019

Quietly revealed this week at CES 2019, Tech21 has just launched a new case as part of the Made for Google program. The new Evo Type case adds a keyboard to your Pixel 3 XL hidden within a folio style case.

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Made for Google Stories January 3, 2019

Last year, GE Lighting debuted a set of smart light bulbs as part of the Made for Google program. These bulbs don’t require an extra hub and connect using Google Home products. Now, GE is adding new color bulbs and more to its Made for Google lineup at CES 2019.

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Made for Google Stories November 28, 2018

Google Pixel Slate definitely isn’t perfect, but it has at least one big thing going for it: its detachable tablet form-factor means you actually get some choice when it comes to keyboards (unlike with a laptop like the Pixelbook). This also means you’re going to have to buy a keyboard if you want one — whether that be a Google-made one or a Made for Google one. At launch there are a couple options to pick from, and the Brydge G-Type might be the best one you can buy right now.

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Made for Google Stories November 12, 2018

Have you ever been listening to music with wired headphones only to realize your phone battery is low? In that moment, if you own one of the many phones that have recently dropped the headphone port, you’re presented with a choice: keep listening as your device slowly dies, or charge it up in silence. I spent some time with a new Made for Google adapter from Moshi that asks “Why not both?”

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Made for Google Stories October 12, 2018

Made by Google 2018 saw the launch of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, Google Home Hub, and Pixel Slate. Coinciding with this annual event, Google updated the list of brands taking part in its Made for Google program, giving us hints at accessories that are coming soon.

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Made for Google Stories October 9, 2018

C by GE light bulbs to gain Google Assistant support, new Home Mini bundle

Amidst the fray of Made by Google announcements today, third-parties are unleashing a ton of Made for Google products. General Electric is the latest, announcing Google Assistant support for bulbs in its C by GE product line.

[Update: More details] Brydge introduces G-Type keyboard for Google Pixel Slate

Coinciding with the announcement of the Google Pixel Slate, premium tablet keyboard maker Brydge has announced the new G-Type keyboard, as an alternative to Google’s official attachable keyboard accessory.

Moshi reveals new Made for Google USB-C audio + charging adapter

As part of the Made for Google program, accessory maker Moshi has developed a new adapter that should solve a common complaint for many Android users.

Made for Google Stories September 25, 2018

Jaybird Tarah wireless sport earbuds offer ‘Made for Google’ certification for $99

Jaybird is a big name in wireless audio, and today the company has just launched its latest set of sport headphones. The new Jaybird Tarah build on a familiar formula, but this time also bring official “Made for Google” certification.

Made for Google Stories November 27, 2017

For years, LifeProof cases have been the gold standard for making your smartphone water-resistant while also adding protection from drops and dings. But with most handsets now being water and dust resistant, are LifeProof’s Frē cases worth your money? While the flagship weatherproofing feature might not be as important these days, the Frē is still one of the best cases when adding 360-degree protection to your Pixel 2 while not adding too much bulk…

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Made for Google Stories November 21, 2017

There are a lot of cases on the market right now for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, with some of the best being a part of the Made for Google accessory program. But when it comes to the very best as far as looks, feel, and function, Incipio’s collection of cases are some of the best. Here are our favorites…

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Made for Google Stories November 2, 2017

Google’s new phones drop the headphone jack — that’s just a fact we’re forced to live with if we want the latest and greatest. While Bluetooth is a great option in many ways, having effortless headphones you never have to charge, pair, or use with a dongle is something many will miss. Thankfully, there are solutions, like the Libratone Q Adapt USB-C earbuds.

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Made for Google Stories November 1, 2017

If you’re an owner of Google’s new $1,000 Pixelbook, you probably want to protect it. However, covering up such a gorgeous machine requires something a bit more than your standard laptop sleeve. That’s where Bellroy’s Pixelbook sleeve comes in.

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Made for Google Stories October 31, 2017

When I think of Under Armour, sporting goods and other athletic wear comes to mind, not phone cases. However, after spending a couple of days with the Protect Verge case, it’s clear to me that Under Armour could have one of the best cases for the Pixel 2, but some refinements should be made… expand full story

Made for Google Stories October 30, 2017

Google seriously knows what it’s doing with photography. The original Pixel blew us away in the camera department, and the Pixel 2 only makes that even better, once again being the best smartphone camera on the market. Thanks to Moment, you can make that camera even better…

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Made for Google Stories October 28, 2017

When it comes to protecting your brand new Pixel 2, there might be no better option than those from OtterBox. But that added protection from drops and other forms of damage means a thicker and robust case. Let’s see if the pros outweigh the cons…

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Made for Google Stories October 27, 2017

Wireless headphones are available everywhere, and a lot of them are pretty great. However, Google has introduced a new auto pair feature with its latest Pixel phones that sets some wireless headphones apart from the crowd, and one of the first to support it is the Q Adapt On-Ear from Libratone.

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Made for Google Stories October 21, 2017

In addition to phone cases, the Made for Google program includes screen protectors from InsivibleShield to help protect your brand new Pixel 2. The thing is, though, these tempered glass screen protectors could use some improvements, especially with its $50 price tag…

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When looking at case options for your new Pixel 2, it’s always ideal to find something that is a mix of drop protection and style, and is a part of the Made for Google program. Thankfully, Speck has made three different Presidio cases that provide protection from 10-foot drops and come in distinct styles to match your personal taste…

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Made for Google Stories October 19, 2017

With the release of the Pixel 2, Google launched the “Made for Google” accessory program. This meant that companies a part of the program would have its products certified by Google as being at or above the quality level needed to work correctly with the Pixel 2 and 2 XL.

One of these companies, Bellroy, has released a case that features real leather and comes in four different color choices. But is it worth $45 or more? Let’s check it out…

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Made for Google Stories October 8, 2017

Just like last year, Google is going to be hosting two pop-up stores, one in New York City and another in Los Angeles, to show off and sell some of its new Made by Google products. The search giant hasn’t provided many details about the stores themselves, but we do know that doors will open starting on October 19…

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Made for Google Stories October 5, 2017

LifeProof Frē for Pixel 2 / 2 XL pre-orders open, first waterproof Made for Google case

After listening to complaints about the lack of water resistance last year, Google made sure that the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were IP67 water and dust resistant. While this rating is meant to protect the handsets in up to 1m of water submersion for 30 minutes, it isn’t complete protection. If you need something that offers more to protect your phone, LifeProof has something that might work……

Google’s second-generation of Pixel smartphones finally became official today and as we previously reported — in March — neither of them have headphone jacks. Obviously, the internet is up in arms about it. Google, meanwhile, is trying to smooth things over with its new “Made for Google” program which, you guessed it, includes a pretty nice selection of Pixel 2-compatible headphones.

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Made for Google Stories October 4, 2017

Moshi joins Made for Google with a ridiculously expensive USB-C to 3.5 mm adapter

Following the Pixel 2 launch event, the online Google Store has been updated with new accessories from third-party manufacturers participating in the new Made for Google program. While most of the accessories listed are headphones and cases, Moshi is offering a USB-C adapter that aims to tackle the Pixel 2’s lack of a headphone jack.

Made for Google Stories October 2, 2017

Google is planning a ‘Made for Google’ certification program for third-party accessories, according to two sources familiar with the initiative. A third source familiar with Google’s upcoming hardware announcements said they had also heard of such a program being prepped for announcement soon.

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