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October 2017 - August 2020

Made for Google is the line of accessories certified to work with Google’s hardware products such as the Pixel smartphones and Pixelbook Chromebook.

Made for Google Stories August 7, 2020

Review: This Nest Hub Max stand makes the smart display a usable security camera

Google’s Nest Hub Max is an excellent smart display and speaker, but it also has a full security camera built into it. However, the design of the Nest Hub Max makes that camera somewhat useless at times, but I managed to fix that with this handy stand.

Made for Google Stories February 14, 2020

Google and other phone manufacturers put a lot of work into crafting the design of their smartphones, but most of us just end up slapping a case on top. Many cases take away from the look of the device, but brands such as Nomad make them even better. Lately, I’ve been using Nomad’s Rugged leather Pixel 4 case and it’s quickly become a favorite.

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Made for Google Stories December 9, 2019

If you picked up a Pixel 4 over the holiday sales and you’re looking for a case to go with it, products with the “Made for Google” badge are a great place to start. Tech21 is one of the biggest names in that collection, and over the past couple of weeks I’ve spent some time with the company’s Pixel 4 XL accessories.

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Made for Google Stories November 7, 2019

Battery life is not a strength on basically any Pixel smartphones, meaning most users are going to have to find a place to charge at some point throughout the day. If you have a daily commute, iOttie’s new fast wireless car charger is a great, if expensive, option for Pixel owners.

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Made for Google Stories October 15, 2019

Logitech unveils Chrome OS optimized Made for Google mouse and keyboard

On the back of the Made by Google 2019 launch event, peripheral manufacturer Logitech has unveiled a ‘Made for Google’ mouse and keyboard.

Made for Google Stories May 20, 2019

C by GE’s full color ‘Made for Google’ smart bulbs are now available (and on sale)

C by GE was the first brand to help kick off smart home products in the “Made for Google” program, and now the brand is back with some more smart bulbs. This time around, though, the bulbs feature the full RGB spectrum starting at $39.

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