Made by Google 2018 Stories October 9, 2018

Since the official announcement of the Google Pixel Slate, we’ve all been hungering for the nitty gritty. Luckily, Google has provided us with every detail of Google Pixel Slate specs that you could ever want.

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[Update: More details] Brydge introduces G-Type keyboard for Google Pixel Slate

Coinciding with the announcement of the Google Pixel Slate, premium tablet keyboard maker Brydge has announced the new G-Type keyboard, as an alternative to Google’s official attachable keyboard accessory.

Paired with the announcement of the Pixel Slate at the Made by Google event, Google has announced the attachable Google Pixel Slate Keyboard that puts the device squarely in the Microsoft Surface’s ballpark.

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In a shake up to their previous two-year release cycle, Google has revealed the Google Pixel Slate, a new Chrome OS tablet in the Pixel lineup, just one year after the release of the Pixelbook. And yes, the device is just as attractive as its name.

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Made by Google 2018 Stories October 5, 2018

Rumor Roundup: Our expectations for Google’s 2018 Pixel 3 event on Oct. 9 [Video]

We already did a written comprehensive roundup on everything you should expect to see Google announce at its forthcoming October 9th Pixel 3 event next week, but now we’ve compiled everything we know into one easily-digestible video. Here’s everything we know about the Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL, Google Home Hub, Google Pixel Slate, and more…

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