Chromecast Audio Stories August 21, 2019

The Chromecast Audio was a pretty brilliant device. With a simple connection to the speakers you already owned, the small device could stream audio from your favorite services easily. Then, it was brutally murdered. Now, it seems like the “Nest Mini” Assistant speaker could end up being the Chromecast Audio replacement I’ve been waiting for.

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Chromecast Audio Stories January 11, 2019

As far as ways to integrate with the Google Home ecosystem, the Chromecast Audio has always been the most affordable. As of today, however, Google says it is discontinuing the Chromecast Audio altogether.

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Chromecast Audio Stories April 28, 2017

Back at launch, Google Home wasn’t very friendly with smart home products, but over the past few months, Google has worked with more new companies to expand what Home is capable of. Personally, I love using smart home products, and I do so quite often in my home office. Here’s what I’ve been using.

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Chromecast Audio Stories February 26, 2017

Get a free Chromecast or Chromecast Audio w/ purchase of a Google Home

One of the best things about Google’s hardware ecosystem is that everything plays together quite nicely. This is especially true between Google Home and Google’s Chromecast ecosystem, and Google is making it more compelling than ever to take advantage of that with a new promo…

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