Chromecast Ultra Stories November 27

Chromecast Ultra can enable your TV’s game mode to reduce Stadia latency

There are a number of steps to streamline your home setup for Stadia. On televisions, enabling game mode works to reduce latency, and Google is now rolling out a Chromecast Ultra setting to automatically turn on that optimization.

Chromecast Ultra Stories November 21

How to hide (or show) the ‘Stadia Controller’ pairing menu on Chromecast Ultra

Google’s Chromecast Ultra is currently the only way to play Stadia on a TV, but not everyone wants to do that. If the Stadia Controller pairing screen is appearing on your Chromecast Ultra, here’s how to turn it off.

Since all of Google Stadia’s power is up in the cloud it can run on even super low-end hardware including Google’s Chromecast streaming dongle. However, some early Stadia players are reporting that their Chromecast Ultra units are overheating to the point of turning off while playing games.

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Chromecast Ultra Stories November 15

Wednesday’s Stadia AMA confirmed that you’d need to use the Chromecast Ultra included with Founder’s Edition on day one. Stadia Controller pairing this evening looks to already be available on existing streaming dongles.

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Chromecast Ultra Stories March 26, 2018

Google’s packaging changes year-by-year on its various products, but with the company’s Chromecast family, we haven’t seen a revamp in a fair bit. However, to line up with the Pixel 2 family and Pixelbook laptop, Google seems to have quietly revamped the packaging on its popular streamers.

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Chromecast Ultra Stories October 20, 2016

PSA: Daydream View VR headset and Chromecast Ultra now available for pre-order

When Google announced their brand new Pixel phones, they also unveiled the Daydream View — a VR headset that is compatible with the company’s Daydream VR platform — and the Chromecast Ultra — capable of streaming 4K content. Starting today, both products are available for pre-order.

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