dxomark Stories December 13, 2019

While DxOMark is better known for ranking smartphone cameras on the photo-taking credentials, they have recently added audio rankings to their listings — with the Google Pixel 4 placing in the top 5.

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dxomark Stories October 21, 2019

Despite the flawed nature of ranking cameras using a point-based system, the Google Pixel 4 has achieved a 112-point score from the defacto industry camera experts DxOMark.

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dxomark Stories July 19, 2019

Google Pixel 3a scores 100 points on DxOMark, just 1 point behind Pixel 3

We’ve all known since the phone launched that the Pixel 3a can take pictures almost exactly as well as the Pixel 3, but sometimes it’s nice to numerically measure and confirm that fact. This morning, DxOMark released their review of the Google Pixel 3a’s camera, allowing us to directly compare the two devices.

dxomark Stories October 3, 2017

DxOMark is a recognized way — even if it doesn’t really mean all that much — to know how one mobile camera compares to another. Recently it’s been awarding higher scores than ever before to cameras hitting the market. Just last month the iPhone 8 Plus was crowned the king of mobile photography by a pretty solid margin, and today, the Galaxy Note 8 has just matched that camera.

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dxomark Stories April 12, 2016

The HTC 10 sits atop DxOMark’s camera ranking alongside the Galaxy S7 edge

HTC may have been given props over the past few years for things such as design, display and audio quality as well as the generally smooth performances of its high-end devices, but the company has often struggled trying to deliver a compelling camera experience.

While our very own review of the just announced 10 is in the making, the camera experts over at DxOMark have already put the 12MP shooter through its paces, and the results seem nothing short of excellent…

dxomark Stories October 28, 2015

Moto DROID Turbo 2 has surprisingly good camera according to DxOMark

Yesterday, during the announcement, Motorola claimed its new DROID Turbo 2 has a fantastic camera. While we’re skeptical to take the manufacturer’s own word for it, DxOMark seemingly agrees. Having put the Turbo 2’s snapper through its paces, DxO awarded it with 84 points, putting it in joint third position with the Nexus 6P. In short: Motorola finally made a good camera.

Breaking it down, the Turbo 2’s still photos were similar to those on the LG G4, Xperia Z3+ and Galaxy Note 4, but its videos were surpassed only by the Xperia Z5. DxO notes that its images in good light are fantastic. Its autofocusing is exemplary, as is its exposure, contrast and color control. In lower light conditions, its performance drops a little (as you’d expect) and, while white balance is generally good, it does apparently have the tendency to make whites look a little pink at times.

It’s a similar story with video too. It’s great all-round when shooting in good light. It tracks objects and focuses well. But in lower light, it struggles with autofocus and noise a little. On the plus side, it’s good at adapting when light levels and scenes suddenly change.

All in all, it seems we may finally have Motorola phones on the market which don’t force you to compromise on the camera to gain the rest of its selling points. It may not be the best camera on the market, but it’s nothing like as bad as previous generations.

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