Google Pixel 3a Stories March 18

According to a source familiar with the phones, the forthcoming mid-range Google Pixels are indeed called the “Google Pixel 3a” and the “Google Pixel 3a XL”, as was first rumored last week. We can also independently confirm some previously-rumored specifications and offer some more details about the devices…

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Google Pixel 3a Stories March 14

It’s been rumored for a couple of years at this point that Google has been developing a pair of “budget” Pixel smartphones. Now, thanks to the first Android Q beta release, some code is seemingly confirming Pixel 3a XL as the name of one of Google’s upcoming mid-range devices.

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Google Pixel 3a Stories February 25

Six Google-made devices — both identifying as a “smartphone” — have just passed through the FCC this morning. These models line up with a previous leak about the Pixel 3 Lite and Pixel 3 XL Lite.

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Google Pixel 3a Stories February 5

For the past few months, we have been tracking leaks of Google’s budget-friendly “Pixel 3 Lite” and “Pixel 3 XL Lite” phones, which are beginning to follow in the leaky footsteps of the standard Pixel 3. The latest info drop claims to reveal the model numbers for both “Pixel 3 Lite” devices.

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Google Pixel 3a Stories January 16

Like the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL last year, “Lite” variants of the Made by Google phones have been thoroughly revealed. The latest Pixel 3 Lite leak comes in the form of a “pre-production sample” that has been subjected to a video review.

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Google Pixel 3a Stories December 27, 2018

Last month, alleged photos of a device referred to by many as the Pixel 3 ‘Lite’ leaked suggesting that Google was developing a mid-range phone. This reveal was followed by a notch-less Pixel 3 XL ‘Lite’ in early December, with both Made by Google phones reportedly launching this spring in the U.S.

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