Google Pixel 3a Stories Yesterday

The most obvious photography difference between the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a is the front-facing camera. An update to Playground this week adds a “Selfie mode” for AR Playmoji on Google’s mid-range Pixel phone.

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Google Pixel 3a Stories August 12

The camera has been the main focus of Google’s Pixel lineup since day one, and things are set to get even better with the Pixel 4. Recently, Google’s director of design shared a mysterious shot that he says is shot on a Pixel with 20x zoom, which might just be teasing what we’ll get from the Pixel 4 camera.

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Google Pixel 3a Stories July 22

A trend has developed in the past couple of years for “see-through” wallpapers on certain phone models to get a peek at the hardware that powers your device. Now, the folks over at iFixit are giving Google’s original Pixel XL, as well as the Pixel 3a and 3a XL, the see-through wallpaper treatment.

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Google Pixel 3a Stories July 19

Google Pixel 3a scores 100 points on DxOMark, just 1 point behind Pixel 3

We’ve all known since the phone launched that the Pixel 3a can take pictures almost exactly as well as the Pixel 3, but sometimes it’s nice to numerically measure and confirm that fact. This morning, DxOMark released their review of the Google Pixel 3a’s camera, allowing us to directly compare the two devices.

Google Pixel 3a Stories July 9

Android Q Beta 5 is adding a dark-themed Pixel boot animation

While dark modes are en vogue, they do offer less eye-straining bonuses as well as potential battery life extensions. Google is slowly and steadily increasing its core apps to include proper dark themes, but it appears that has extended to the Pixel boot animation with Android Q Beta 5.

Google Pixel 3a Stories June 26

For the past year, Verizon has been running Visible, an MVNO that offers unlimited calls, texts, and data for a flat monthly rate. The main downside of Visible’s mobile plan—the hard limit on data speed—is being “uncapped,” while also gaining support for the Google Pixel 3a.

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