moto z droid edition Stories December 4, 2016

Android Basics: How to enable the battery percentage on all Moto Z variants

When it comes to monitoring your battery life on Moto Z devices, it can be hard to estimate how much power is left just based on the battery icon. Thankfully, there is an option in the settings menu that allows you to enable the battery percentage which makes it much easier to glance at your status bar and see how much battery you have left…

moto z droid edition Stories December 3, 2016

Android Basics: How to take a screenshot on all Moto Z variants

As with any mobile device, it is always important to know how to capture information on your screen. One of the unique aspects of the Moto Z line of phones is that the overall design is exactly the same, which means the process is also exactly the same across the board. Thankfully, Lenovo also didn’t change the screenshot process that can be found baked into almost every Android device…

moto z droid edition Stories July 26, 2016

motoz white

Now this one’s a doozy. Sometimes you just can’t get clear and concise statements from a company about a product’s features, and the latest is about whether or not Motorola/Lenovo will commit to monthly security updates for the Moto Z. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster, but the latest suggests that while you will get updates, you shouldn’t expect to get security patches on a monthly basis…

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moto z droid edition Stories July 25, 2016


Moto Z is the first Moto-branded flagship since Lenovo began phasing out the Motorola brand name, and the successor to the popular Moto X line. At the time of its unveiling, Moto X represented a new Motorola with a new, clearer vision under the influence of Google itself. The company ditched the heavy skins commonly found on Android handsets, built a solid phone that was a good overall experience, and added some features here and there that made it stand out from the crowd. It was the ideal prototype of what an Android OEM should do.

But the Moto X is gone now, and Motorola is now owned by Lenovo. Slowly but surely, we have seen Lenovo make its mark on the Moto phones of years previous, and this year things took another step in a new direction. Lenovo skipped over Y and has now launched the Moto Z, and deserving of its new name the device is indeed. The curved back and the Moto dimple of the X line are gone, replaced with an aluminum and glass surface that makes a bold attempt at a new super-thin sexiness. Is it a good phone, though? Let’s talk about that…

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moto z droid edition Stories June 13, 2016


While Lenovo’s new Moto Z is grabbing attention for a lot of reasons, the main selling point for this new device is its design supporting modular backplates. With a few strong magnets and some pins, a special module called a ‘Moto Mod‘ can instantly expand the capabilities of the phone. At Tech World last week, the company showed off several mods that would be available at launch. It didn’t, however, reveal pricing. Thankfully, Verizon has.

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moto z droid edition Stories June 10, 2016

Moto Z DROID Edition will come with 2 years of free original quality Google Photos storage

The Moto Z and Moto Z Force are now official but there’s still a lot about these phones that Lenovo didn’t announce on stage. One thing we know from the event, however, is that Verizon will be getting exclusive rights to sell the phone for a few weeks starting this Summer prior to the unlocked launch in September. The “DROID Edition” isn’t too much different from the standard model, but it seems like it will be coming with an extra perk over the standard model.

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