Nintendo Switch Stories September 14, 2021

You can now use Pixel Buds and Galaxy Buds with Nintendo Switch; here’s how

With the latest update to the Nintendo Switch, you can now pair Bluetooth headphones including Google Pixel Buds and Samsung Galaxy Buds. Here’s how to get started.

Nintendo Switch Stories February 10, 2021

After the mobile OS unofficially arrived on the portable console in mid-2019, Android 10 is now on the Nintendo Switch courtesy of another unofficial LineageOS 17.1 port.

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Nintendo Switch Stories November 6, 2019

Android 10 quietly adds support for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Android supports quite a lot of game controllers, but some newer ones don’t properly work as the needed mappings haven’t been added. It seems, though, that Android 10 previously added support for the Pro Controller used with the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Stories July 29, 2019

Android is a very flexible platform, and that means it lands on a lot of different hardware. Recently, a build of Android was successfully ported to the popular Nintendo Switch, and you can download it if you’re feeling daring enough.

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Nintendo Switch Stories February 24, 2019

[Update: Android Q build running] One developer is attempting to bring Android to the Nintendo Switch

It’s pretty crazy what kind of hardware can run Android, and almost more so what talented developers can get to run Google’s platform. Now, one developer is trying to bring Android to the Nintendo Switch, because why wouldn’t someone try that?

Nintendo Switch Stories November 8, 2018

The Nintendo Switch has been a smashing success, but where games are landing left and right, video apps are a rarity. After Hulu’s debut last year, an official YouTube Nintendo Switch app has just been unveiled and it’s already available for download.

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Nintendo Switch Stories July 19, 2017

As an avid user of the Nintendo Switch, one of its few sore points has been the lack of improved online functionality. Playing games is one thing, but being able to chat with your teammates adds a lot to the experience. Today, Nintendo has finally released its Nintendo Switch Online companion app for Android devices.

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Nintendo Switch Stories March 21, 2017

The Nintendo Switch debuted earlier this month to incredible success. Looking back a year or so, there were rumors floating around that Nintendo was planning to build the device on top of Android, but obviously, those never came to fruition. Now, though, a Cyanogen chairman has revealed that Nintendo was indeed looking to build with Android, and apparently wanted Cyanogen to help out…

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