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Hangouts is widely criticized in the Android community for being slow and buggy. According to a rumor last week, SMS support is being stripped out of Hangouts in order to make the app a better chatting service. Perhaps on a related note, The Wall Street Journal is today reporting that Google has grander ambitions for the chat field and plans to infuse their artificial intelligence technology into it.

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Searching ‘bubble level’ in Google Search now presents you with an interactive level

One Googler took to Reddit last week to tell the world about a new feature that his team (presumably) added to Google search. Now, if you search for “bubble level” in search from the Google app or Chrome on your mobile device (yes, including the iPhone), you’ll get access to an interactive bubble level mini-app directly from the results page itself.

And that’s about it. This doesn’t need much explaining, does it? Personally, I think this is a pretty nifty little feature to have whenever I need it. That said, I wouldn’t use this for any professional jobs that need exact precision. At least in my experience, this little widget isn’t nearly as accurate as the standalone apps on the Play Store or the iOS Compass app.

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Google’s latest awesome interactive Doodle celebrates Beethoven’s 245th year

Google’s Search Doodles can often be fun, especially when they’re interactive. Today’s is one of my own personal favorites. In remembrance of Ludwig Van Beethoven’s 245th year, the Google Doodle team created an interactive game in which you help Beethoven rescue sheet music so that he can make it to the concert venue. If you’re not into classical music, or don’t know how to read sheet music, this may not be your ‘cup of tea’.

There are four ‘levels’ in the game, each of which involves arranging sections of a famous piece of music in the correct order. Even if you’re not a Beethoven nut, you should recognize all four of them. The game takes apart the most well-known phrases from Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, Für Elise, Moonlight Sonata and Ode To Joy. Chances are, even if you didn’t know they were Beethoven’s music, you’ll have at least heard them before.

If you’ve never read sheet music, don’t worry, each section has a little sound icon which you can press to preview the phrase, before you decide where it needs to go.

To help poor old Beethoven retrieve and rescue his precious music, head on over to the Google homepage and enjoy (make sure you have your speakers turned up too).

Google’s vision of self-driving cars whose interiors have no driving controls could be thwarted in its home state of California. Automotive News reports that the California Department of Motor Vehicles wants to impose legislation that would require all autonomous vehicles to have both driving controls and a specially-licensed driver behind the wheel.

While Google’s primary test fleet of self-driving cars have manual controls, these are only intended for development purposes. The next-generation prototypes (shown above) have no controls …

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