Mother’s Day in the U.S. is next Sunday, May 12th and Google has a clever ad that ties into its iconic “Hey Google” hotword. The one minute clip is accompanied by a Google Store sale on Home products, including a return of the $99 Home Hub.

The ad features kids shouting “Hey Mom” in the same frequency as “Hey Google” and asking for help around the home. Busy parents are shown over the course of the video tending to injuries, loose teeth, and answering questions about the world at all hours of the day.

It closes on a very sweet note of one mother asking a Google Home Hub to call her mom after the smart photo frame displays a slideshow of them together. Google calls mothers our “original helpers” before advertising the Smart Display promo on the Google Store. The goal of this heart warming Google Home Hey Mom ad is to get your mom some help around the house with an Assistant device.

“Give your original helper a little help of her own.”

Like during the holidays, the Google Home Hub is on sale from $149 to $99 and comes with a free Home Mini. This bundle started today and ends on May 6th, just before I/O 2019 where there might be Nest-related rebrands. There are two other deals that end just before the developer conference: $30 off Google Home ($99) and $100 off Google Home Max ($299). That latter deal is also available at several retailers today.

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