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Google Home Hub

The first Google Home with a screen

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September 2018 - May 2019

Google Home Hub Stories May 7

Google Home Hub rebranded as Nest Hub, now available in 12 new markets starting at $129

The renamed and rebranded Home Hub is now the Google Next Hub with the price now starting at just $129 with availability now increased to a further 12 markets globally alongside support for nine more languages.

You can cancel alarms on Google Assistant just by saying ‘Stop’ without ‘Hey Google’ command

Starting today, Google is making a welcome change to Google Assistant. You can now cancel alarms on Google Assistant and devices like the Google Home by just saying “Stop.”

Google Home Hub Stories May 6

Having Google Assistant ready at all times is a handy tool in day-to-day life, and Smart Displays only enhance that with visual components. However, these displays are annoying to use at night because Google’s UI is a stark white. It’s time for Google to add a dark mode to Smart Displays like the Home Hub.

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Google Home Hub Stories May 1

Mother’s Day in the U.S. is next Sunday, May 12th and Google has a clever ad that ties into its iconic “Hey Google” hotword. The one minute clip is accompanied by a Google Store sale on Home products, including a return of the $99 Home Hub.

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Google Home Hub Stories April 15

Several days ago, Google itself accidentally leaked the names of both the Pixel 3a and the forthcoming Nest Hub Max. At the same time, the company accidentally revealed a potential rebrand for the smaller Home Hub to “Nest Hub”. We can now confirm that is indeed what’s happening when these products launch in the coming weeks.

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Google Home Hub Stories April 11

Google Home devices now no longer repeat every action in Assistant routines

Arguably one of the biggest and most frustrating aspects of Google Home devices is the constant repeating of actions it has performed when you ask it to run an Assistant routine.

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