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Google Chrome Stories August 16

Google Chrome is redesigning the Incognito tab, possibly in response to $5 billion lawsuit

Some sort of “private mode” is a standard feature of any browser now, and with Google Chrome, it’s called “Incognito” browsing. With some new updates, though, Google is updating the look of this useful feature.

Google Chrome Stories July 16

Chrome for Android to gain new widget to match iOS, complete with Dino Run shortcut [Updated]

Chrome is set to offer a new home screen widget for Android to match the delightful ones added to Chrome for iOS. Update: Chrome’s Android widget has gotten further along in development, revealing more of its final design.

Google Chrome Stories March 14

Google must face $5 billion lawsuit over Chrome incognito mode tracking complaints

The world’s most popular browser, Google Chrome, is the source is a lawsuit that Google will soon face. A judge recently ruled that Google will have to face a lawsuit from plaintiffs who accuse the Chrome browser of tracking users while they use incognito mode.

Google Chrome Stories January 25, 2012

Google handing out 27,000 Chromebooks in Iowa, South Carolina, and Illinois

Following Apple’s big education announcements, Google is at the annual FETC ed-tech conference in Orlando to discuss some highlights of its education initiatives and to give out nearly 27,000 Chromebooks to students. It’s great to see this positive momentum for Chromebooks in classrooms. It’s similar to where we were about five years ago when Google […]

Google Chrome Stories July 13, 2012

Google’s Chromebook displays land in Best Buy with free Chrome CDs/coasters for shoppers

Google told us during its Google I/O keynote that it would bring Chromebooks to 100 Best Buy stores in the United States in the near future. Today, customers tipped TechCrunch that in-store displays for the Chromebooks finally started popping up in Best Buy retail locations. One interesting aspect of the displays is a rack of […]

Google Chrome Stories March 12, 2013

Acer unveils slightly upgraded C7 Chromebook with 4GB RAM and 6 hour battery

If the Pixel sparked your interest in investing in a Chromebook, but its absurd price turned you off, then the Acer C7 Chromebook may be what you’re looking for. Announced via press release this afternoon, the new-and-improved Chromebook C7 from Acer boasts a number of useful performance boosts. First and foremost comes a much-needed battery update. […]

Google Chrome Stories April 10, 2013

Report shares more details on Google’s rumored Babel messaging service

We have been seeing more leaks surrounding Google’s much rumored unified chat service that most are calling “Babel”. On Monday we got a look at some pretty legit looking screenshots of Babel inside of Gmail that apparently came straight from a Google engineer testing the service, and today we get even more details about Babel.

A new report from Droid-life claims to have additional details about the service including a feature list from sources close to the project.

Google Babel as a product is a collaboration of work by the Google+, Android, Chrome and Apps teams. Through their combined efforts, as was previously reported by us, we’ll see this unified service launch in Gmail and as Android, iOS, and Chrome apps. What’s particularly interesting, is that Google is talking about the iOS app as being the first time they have built a “first class iOS experience” when it comes to a messaging service.

On top of a “first class iOS experience,” the report also says that Google Voice will eventually be integrated alongside Talk, Hangouts, and Messenger, but not initially at launch. Other features apparently coming to the yet to launch service include: notification syncing across devices, an updated messaging UI, group conversations, 800+ emoji, and some other expected features. Head below for the full list:

  • Brand new UI. We’ve designed a new UI that’s applied across all clients and promotes conversations.
  • Stay in sync.  With just one conversation list and experience across mobile and desktop, everything is always in sync. Install the Chrome app, the Android app, and iOS app.
  • Desktop app.  Stop laying whack a mole across blinking browser tabs. With the new Chrome app your conversations continue outside of the browser.
  • Keep a group conversation going to coordinate with your team, and start a Hangout with a single tap whenever you need to talk face-to-face.
  • Be notified…just once.  Get notifications on your two phones, tablet, laptop, and desktop. Open it on one and watch the others disappear. If you’re actively using your computer or phone we’ll even intelligently notify you on just one of those endpoints. Magic!
  • Message more than just text.  Add a photo to the conversation and/or send some of the 800+ emoji to your coworkers. Kittens and poop are particularly helpful in explaining complex issues.
  • Get nostalgic.  Scroll back in time and relive any (on-the-record) conversation, on any device.
  • More ways to talk.  For the first time we are building a first class iOS experience. Try out our very early preview on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Google Chrome Stories November 6, 2012

New Chrome Stable release improves battery life and website permission control

Googler Ami Fischman, a self-dubbed “Watt Wrangler”, just announced a new battery-saving Chrome Stable release. “We recently enabled GPU-accelerated video decoding for Chrome on Windows,” wrote Fischman on the official Google Chrome blog. “Dedicated graphics chips draw far less power than a computer’s CPU, so using GPU-accelerated video decoding while watching videos can increase battery life significantly.” […]

Google Chrome Stories May 15, 2013

Live notes, observations from Google’s I/O 2013 keynote

We’re live on the scene from Google’s 2013 I/O keynote, and although the event will be streamed online, we will be providing  live commentary and photos on this page. Among other things, we’re expecting talk of a new Google Maps web interface and perhaps the debut of a Google-made Spotify competitor. The event starts at 9AM […]

Google Chrome Stories July 5, 2013

Review: $279 Acer C710 Chromebook, delightfully snappy and simple with a reasonable battery life

Acer’s C710. A bigger, thicker battery and more RAM (compared to Pixel and Samsung Chrombooks) I’m an Apple snob – I’ve been using MacBook Pros and Airs almost exclusively for over a decade – in fact, it has gotten so bad that I can barely use or figure out Windows anymore. I often find the […]

Google Chrome Stories June 20, 2013

Google preparing to open ‘Android Nation’ retail stores in India

Back in February, we reported that Google was preparing to open its own retail stores by the end of the year in order to allow consumers to try Nexus, Chrome and even potentially more experimental products like Google Glass. According to a report today from The Economic Times, Google is in the process of opening […]

Google Chrome Stories July 10, 2014

Acer announces new Chromebook C720 w/ Core i3 processor coming later this month

Acer announced today that it’s releasing a variant of its Chromebook C720 model that comes with an 4th gen Intel Core i3 processor. That makes Acer the first to do so and it also represents quite the upgrade in performance from the Intel Celeron processor in the previous generation C720 Chromebooks from Acer. The company […]

Google Chrome Stories June 26, 2014

Google Play for Education now available for Chromebooks

Continuing Mountain View’s push for Chromebooks in classrooms, Google Play for Education is now available for the company’s low-cost laptops. This software hub helps teachers tailor their curriculum to fit the needs of their class by providing them with tools and materials based on students’ needs and interests. The program first started with tablets and Google says that […]

Google Chrome Stories March 3, 2014

Samsung’s new Chromebook 2s feature HD displays and faux leather stitching of Galaxy line

Samsung’s new Chromebooks leaked a little bit last week and again over the weekend, but now they are official.  The biggest upgrades include the form factor featuring the faux leather stitching made famous by its Galaxy Note 3 and a new 1080P 13-inch display on the higher end $399 model. Both still use Exynos 5 Octocore […]

Google Chrome Stories September 12, 2014

Google’s new Chromebook Lending Library will let students borrow Chromebooks at 12 college campuses

Google announced today that it’s opening temporary Chromebook Lending Libraries at 12 college campuses this school year, allowing students to take Chromebooks for a test-drive free of charge:

Google Chrome Stories September 26, 2014

Google developing mute option for audio notifications in Chrome’s browser tabs

  Google is in the process of developing a new feature that lets users mute the audio notifications in Chrome’s browser tabs. This new feature is available to Chromium users and could eventually come to Chrome’s Canary platform, which means that a stable release probably won’t be happening anytime soon.

Google Chrome Stories August 21, 2014

Citrix announces Receiver app for Chrome OS, allows remote access to other devices from within the browser

Google and Citrix today announced a new partnership that will bring a variety of new enterprise features to Chrome OS powered devices. Citrix’s Receiver app is now available for Chromebooks everywhere and allows direct access to the device’s system resources, including settings for things such as printing, audio, and video.

Google Chrome Stories February 12, 2015

Dell introduces new affordable Chromebook 11 w/ 180-degree hinge, better durability

Today Dell is launching the next generation of its education-aimed Chromebook 11, and the laptop comes with many improvements—durability and affordability were the focus with this device according to the company—that make it a worthy upgrade. The device packs an 11-inch, 1366 x 768 resolution screen (which is definitely nothing special), but there are a few […]

Google Chrome Stories April 1, 2015

Acer announces Chromebase w/ touch screen, sends invites to April 23 event

Acer has today announced the latest addition to Google’s Chrome OS lineup with a new Chromebase all-in-one desktop with a touch screen. The announcement comes following the company’s introduction of the very first 15-inch Chromebook earlier this year, which like this device, was first of its kind. The company has also sent invites to an […]

Google Chrome Stories November 12, 2018

Google developing new capabilities to make web apps as feature-rich as native counterparts

Google has long worked to make web apps in Chrome as powerful as native ones, especially on mobile platforms. Citing WebRTC and service workers as making the web more feature-rich, Google is embarking on new capabilities to make modern web application that are comparable to native counterparts.

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