In software development, and especially Google’s development cycles, there’s usually a point where the developers “eat their own dogfood” or use their own work, before letting normal users try it. It seems that Google’s long-in-development Fuchsia OS may finally be reaching this “dogfood” stage.

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February 27

Last year’s Google Pixel 4 saw one of the heaviest leak seasons of any smartphone, partially due to a change in Google’s production that saw the device manufactured in part out of Vietnam instead of China. Now, a fresh report is confirming that both Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 will be produced in Vietnam, with the low-cost model starting production in April.

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February 26

Google yesterday closed the five-day period to submit applications for its annual developer conference. This morning, the company has started contacting I/O 2020 ticket winners.

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February 21

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 is $200 off, plus deals on Alpine’s Android Auto Receiver, more

Today’s best deals include Samsung’s Galaxy S10 at a steep discount, plus Alpine’s Android Auto Receiver at $500. Hit the jump for all that and more in the latest 9to5Toys Lunch Break.

February 20

Thursday deals: SanDisk 400GB microSD card $50, ASUS smartphones, Chromebooks, more

Thursday’s best deals include SanDisk’s 400GB microSD card, ASUS smartphones, and various Chromebooks. Hit the jump for more in the latest 9to5Toys Lunch Break.

This year’s I/O puzzle debuted in late January and was quickly solved to reveal that the 2020 developer conference will take place May 12-14. Google today opened the I/O 2020 ticket applications.

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