Android Foldables Stories October 17

This year has seen Android Foldable unveils from Samsung, Huawei, and most recently Microsoft. Motorola has also been rumored to be working on a device, and the Lenovo-owned company today announced an event set for November 13th.

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Android Foldables Stories October 2

After announcing the dual-screen Surface Neo PC, Microsoft announced a smaller version running Google’s mobile OS. Surface Duo with Android features two screens that can be used in a variety of form factors, including as a phone.

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Android Foldables Stories April 20

After rolling out a Material Theme navigation drawer last week, Google Photos for Android is set to receive backup status indicators right in the gallery view. The app is also adding support for Android Foldables ahead of next week’s Samsung Galaxy Fold launch.

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Android Foldables Stories February 27

Samsung and Huawei came out swinging recently with the launch of the Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X, respectively. But as you’d expect, other Android phone makers are also plotting to capture a slice of this very niche emerging tech market. Motorola says its foldable entrant isn’t far behind…

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Android Foldables Stories February 20

When Samsung showed off its first Android Foldable last November, it mostly focussed on the display technology and “disguised elements of the design.” At Unpacked 2019, this device was officially introduced as the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

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Android Foldables Stories February 17

LG says it’s ‘too early’ to launch a folding phone as several TCL concept designs are revealed

Folding smartphones have been teased from several companies, and we’ve seen a few different takes on the form factor already. This past week, however, news regarding how both LG and TCL intend to handle folding phones, and they have wildly different takes.

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