Android Foldables Stories October 23, 2020

Microsoft Store discounts Surface Duo by $200, now starting at $1,199

Microsoft launched its Android Foldable just a little over six weeks ago. The reception on the company’s most recent phone outing and new category entrant has been mixed. In possible response, the Surface Duo has now been discounted $200 on the official company store.

Android Foldables Stories September 9, 2020

Motorola today announced the Razr 5G as their second take on making an Android Foldable after the last generation did not make too much of an impact. This Android Foldable features all the specs expected of a 2020 smartphone, while being slightly more affordable.

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Android Foldables Stories May 15, 2020

Since it was teased last October, Microsoft has been readying developer support for the Surface Duo. As the eventual launch nears, more rumored Surface Duo specs have emerged today.

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Android Foldables Stories February 19, 2020

Perhaps the biggest meaningful change on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the use of “Ultra-Thin Glass,” a material that could be very meaningful for future foldables. Now, Samsung Display is commercializing Ultra-Thin Glass, making it available to other device makers.

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Android Foldables Stories February 17, 2020

Smartphone makers are experimenting with some new form factors this year and TCL has, in the past, shown off some interesting folding concepts. Today, though, a render of a TCL device with a “slide out” screen has leaked, showing off something no one expected.

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Android Foldables Stories February 13, 2020

Microsoft on Tuesday hosted a developer day for its upcoming dual-screen devices. One live Surface Duo demo failed, but the company has since corrected it to show Google Maps taking advantage of the two displays.

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Android Foldables Stories February 11, 2020

Foldables might just be the next big thing in smartphones, but first-generation devices haven’t worked out so well to date. Today at Samsung Unpacked, the Galaxy Z Flip was the star of the show with its flip phone design. It’s gotten a lot of people on board with the idea of a foldable phone, but I think there are still some things that keep it from being ready for everyone.

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Foldable phones still feel like a dream, but to kick off the 2020 smartphone season, Samsung is hoping to change that. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is official and it’s one of the most affordable foldable phones to date.

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Android Foldables Stories February 3, 2020

More foldable smartphones are coming in 2020, and the Motorola Razr has finally arrived after a brief delay. This week, just ahead of the phone’s shipping date, a few first impressions videos and articles have hit the web, and unfortunately, they don’t paint a great picture for the device.

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Android Foldables Stories January 22, 2020

At its October hardware event last fall, Microsoft made quite a splash with the Android-powered Surface Duo. Slated to launch holiday 2020, the Windows team today released a preview SDK with an emulator and other documentation.

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Android Foldables Stories December 20, 2019

The original unveiling of the Motorola Razr was expected sometime during the summer, but the Lenovo-owned company finally announced it last month. Motorola today revealed that it’s delaying Razr pre-orders and the launch.

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Android Foldables Stories December 18, 2019

Back in September, Samsung’s next foldable device was rumored to have a flip phone form factor and arrive in 2020. At its developer conference a month later, the company previewed a user interface. The first images of this device have now possibly leaked.

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Android Foldables Stories December 3, 2019

Foldable phones are still an emerging form factor with cost limiting the number of people who can afford to jump in on the market. However, Samsung’s 2020 foldable phone may fix that by dropping the price below $1,000.

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Android Foldables Stories November 13, 2019

The Motorola Razr is likely the most iconic flip phone ever released. In 2011, Motorola and Verizon tried to revive the brand with a series of thin — for their time — Android phones. The Lenovo-owned company is now bringing back the Razr as an Android Foldable.

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Android Foldables Stories October 29, 2019

During the One UI 2 section of the Samsung Developer Conference 2019 Opening Keynote, the company showed off a new fordable form factor. Compared to the first-generation device, a tall screen folds in half to become a square-shaped object that you pocket.

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Android Foldables Stories October 17, 2019

This year has seen Android Foldable unveils from Samsung, Huawei, and most recently Microsoft. Motorola has also been rumored to be working on a device, and the Lenovo-owned company today announced an event set for November 13th.

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Android Foldables Stories October 2, 2019

After announcing the dual-screen Surface Neo PC, Microsoft announced a smaller version running Google’s mobile OS. Surface Duo with Android features two screens that can be used in a variety of form factors, including as a phone.

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Android Foldables Stories April 20, 2019

After rolling out a Material Theme navigation drawer last week, Google Photos for Android is set to receive backup status indicators right in the gallery view. The app is also adding support for Android Foldables ahead of next week’s Samsung Galaxy Fold launch.

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Android Foldables Stories February 27, 2019

Samsung and Huawei came out swinging recently with the launch of the Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X, respectively. But as you’d expect, other Android phone makers are also plotting to capture a slice of this very niche emerging tech market. Motorola says its foldable entrant isn’t far behind…

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Android Foldables Stories February 20, 2019

When Samsung showed off its first Android Foldable last November, it mostly focussed on the display technology and “disguised elements of the design.” At Unpacked 2019, this device was officially introduced as the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

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Android Foldables Stories February 17, 2019

LG says it’s ‘too early’ to launch a folding phone as several TCL concept designs are revealed

Folding smartphones have been teased from several companies, and we’ve seen a few different takes on the form factor already. This past week, however, news regarding how both LG and TCL intend to handle folding phones, and they have wildly different takes.

Android Foldables Stories January 23, 2019

Beating the upcoming Samsung Galaxy F to the punch by at least a few weeks, Xiaomi has released a video of a prototype folding smartphone live to the world via social media and it looks insane.

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Android Foldables Stories January 3, 2019

Back in November, Google announced the Android Foldables form factor as Samsung teased the first device. More manufacturers are expected to announce foldables in 2019, with a sketchy leak today providing an interesting look at a device possibly from Xiaomi.

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Android Foldables Stories November 12, 2018

Samsung foldable smartphone will allegedly be released in March 2019 w/ eye-watering price

After the recent Samsung Developer Conference saw the South Korean tech giant show off its Infinity Flex foldable display, we were left in the dark about when this new foldable display tech would find its way to devices. Now, a new report out of South Korea has touted a March 2019 release schedule for the Samsung foldable smartphone along with a jaw-dropping price tag.

Android Foldables Stories November 7, 2018

Samsung has been teasing a foldable Android smartphone for years now, but it’s always seemed like something the company wouldn’t actually bring to market. Today at its annual developer conference, Samsung has shown off a prototype device using its new “Infinity Flex” display.

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With Samsung expected to preview its highly rumored foldable smartphone today, Google announced Android support for this new device category. Named “Foldables,” Google is laying out the basic groundwork by taking advantage of existing Android features.

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