Android Foldables Stories October 23, 2020

Microsoft Store discounts Surface Duo by $200, now starting at $1,199

Microsoft launched its Android Foldable just a little over six weeks ago. The reception on the company’s most recent phone outing and new category entrant has been mixed. In possible response, the Surface Duo has now been discounted $200 on the official company store.

Android Foldables Stories September 9, 2020

Motorola today announced the Razr 5G as their second take on making an Android Foldable after the last generation did not make too much of an impact. This Android Foldable features all the specs expected of a 2020 smartphone, while being slightly more affordable.

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Android Foldables Stories May 15, 2020

Since it was teased last October, Microsoft has been readying developer support for the Surface Duo. As the eventual launch nears, more rumored Surface Duo specs have emerged today.

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Android Foldables Stories February 19, 2020

Perhaps the biggest meaningful change on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the use of “Ultra-Thin Glass,” a material that could be very meaningful for future foldables. Now, Samsung Display is commercializing Ultra-Thin Glass, making it available to other device makers.

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Android Foldables Stories February 17, 2020

Smartphone makers are experimenting with some new form factors this year and TCL has, in the past, shown off some interesting folding concepts. Today, though, a render of a TCL device with a “slide out” screen has leaked, showing off something no one expected.

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Android Foldables Stories February 13, 2020

Microsoft on Tuesday hosted a developer day for its upcoming dual-screen devices. One live Surface Duo demo failed, but the company has since corrected it to show Google Maps taking advantage of the two displays.

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