Email client Stories March 7, 2016

Yahoo Mail update introduces new colored themes among other features

One of the reasons so many users love Android is the virtually endless customization it allows. From core modifications down to the smallest of aesthetic changes, Google‘s OS truly makes it possible for anyone to have something tailored to their needs. Among the things that are most frequently changed are the default apps for services like messaging, social media platforms and emails, among others, as well as third party clients for numerous other apps.

Yahoo’s Mail app, with well over 100 million downloads on the Play Store, can certainly be included on a list of fan-favorite email clients for Android. Today’s update will certainly make at least a few people happy, thanks to the introduction of 11 new themes for a more personalized and colorful experience, in addition to a slew of smaller but certainly welcomed features…

Email client Stories February 26, 2016

Gmail Default mail app

I’ve never been a big proponent of the stock Mail application in OS X, so I generally find myself relying on Gmail inside a browser for all of my email needs. In fact, I don’t have any accounts configured inside of the Mail app at all. With this in mind, I get frustrated when I accidentally click a mailto link while I’m using Chrome. Doing so forces the Mail app to open, which wastes time.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could configure Gmail to be the default mail client inside of Chrome or another browser? In this video tutorial, I’ll show you how easy it is to configure Chrome, Safari, and even Firefox to use Gmail as default. expand full story

Email client Stories December 14, 2015

Inbox update brings shareable Travel bundles and updated photo attachment picker

Inbox, Google’s smart assistant-heavy email client, is getting updated with new features for sharing travel plans and an easier way to attach photos to emails.

Email client Stories June 30, 2015



For many of us, email is a necessary evil. Necessary because most of the business world still uses email to communicate important information, evil because it can end up controlling your life. When someone emails you with a question, or a request, or whatever else, they’re putting you on the offensive – giving you tasks to accomplish and things to do. But there’s one selfish act you can take to make the experience a little better for yourself – scheduling.

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