Galaxy Note 6 Stories June 6, 2016


Note 7

The follow-up to the Galaxy Note 5, America’s most loved phone, is coming.

There is a lot of confusion regarding both its name and the various potential shapes it is to come to the market with, but reliable leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer is continuously cluing us in, this time with new high-resolution images…

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Galaxy Note 6 Stories June 3, 2016


Note 7The rumor mill for Samsung‘s next flagship seems to be unstoppable. Be it for its size, specs or configurations, it is undoubted that the Galaxy Note 6 — or Note 7, as we have now come to expect it — is polarizing a lot of interest.

Today, thanks to two of the most famous leakers in the tech space, we may have new information regarding its launch date as well as a detailed look at the device itself…

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Galaxy Note 6 Stories June 2, 2016


note-5-top-feat-00_01_10_16-still156Among the common trends that seem to be picking up in mobile photography, we can certainly include the adoption of dual cameras: brands like LG and Huawei — with the G5 and P9 respectively — have in fact already brought dual-camera equipped, high-end terminals to the mainstream market.

Now, following numerous reports of Apple allegedly looking forward to entering the game, Samsung seems willing to join the part as well (via Pocket-Lint)…

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Galaxy Note 6 Stories May 31, 2016



Samsung is hosting an event later this week on June 2nd at 5PM in New York City. The invite does not provide a hint as to what will be announced, but the Gear Fit 2 and IconX wireless earbuds are more likely than the Galaxy Note 7.

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Galaxy Note 6 Stories May 26, 2016



As far as Samsung goes, this week certainly is getting pretty crazy. The Galaxy S7 edge is almost at the center of it all: an eighty meter-tall, LED powered screen is turning an entire building’s facade into a billboard ad, and rumor has it that the phone may soon land in a special Batman-themed edition.

But Samsung’s other flagship, the Note, is — according to a Korean report — about to pull a Windows and jump straight to “Galaxy Note 7″…

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Galaxy Note 6 Stories May 11, 2016



Just like pretty much every other Android handset ever, we already know — or think we know — a lot of specifications and other details about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 6. Now, via Evan Blass, it looks like we have pretty solid confirmation of when the phone will be hitting shelves in the United States: the week of August 15th…

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Galaxy Note 6 Stories May 2, 2016

Galaxy Note 6 rumored to drop microUSB, bring USB-C to Samsung’s flagship lineup

A common trend among flagship devices this year has been the introduction of USB-C, a new standard that allows a single port to convey functions such as charging and data transfer with higher speeds and power capacities, all while being conveniently reversible.

Samsung, however, has uncharacteristically remained out of the conversation — either to avoid controversy or not to cause compatibility issues with its Gear VR — and brought the Galaxy S7 (and S7 edge) to the market with an “old” microUSB connector. The Galaxy Note 6, SamMobile reports, is however looking like it’ll change things…

Galaxy Note 6 Stories April 25, 2016

Galaxy Note 6 tipped with massive 5.8″ display and monster 4000mAh battery

It’s very hard for OEMs these days to keep devices secret up until their announcement, and flagships in particular tend to be under severe scrutiny. After the supposed implementation of an iris scanner in pre-production models, the Galaxy Note 6 is once again under the spotlight, with Dutch website GSM HelpDesk reporting that Samsung may be toying with two different versions…

Galaxy Note 6 Stories April 8, 2016


It is common for OEMs these days to launch more than one flagship device on the market, as rarely one model alone is able to satisfy every segment of it. Often, like in the case of the just announced Huawei P9 and P9 Plus, manufacturers simply create different sized versions of the same phone, while other companies opt to design entirely new lines to target different audiences and keep up with the fast upgrade cycles.

Samsung has long established this pattern with the Galaxy S phones and its Note lineup, which is why a Galaxy Note 6 is highly likely to launch worldwide come the last quarter of the year. Naturally, albeit being only April, the rumor mill has all but started, with various information already floating around. A report from SamMobile claims that the forthcoming handset will inherit the Galaxy S7‘s water resistance capabilities, and may sport an iris scanner as well…

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Galaxy Note 6 Stories March 22, 2016

Sketchy report says Galaxy Note 6 is coming in July, with Android ‘N’

A report from The Bell in Korea suggests Samsung may be planning to launch its next S-Pen equipped phablet as early as July this year, less than 12 months after it launched the Galaxy Note 5. According to the site’s sources-in-the-know, Samsung will launch the device in mid-July, almost keeping with a tradition started last year of bringing the smartphone launch forwards and stepping away from a 12-month cycle.

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