Google Play Console Stories October 18, 2021

Back in May, Google announced a new Play Store requirement to have Android apps detail how they collect and use personal information. The Google Play “Data safety” section will go live in February as developers will soon be able to fill out the necessary information.

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Google Play Console Stories June 28, 2021

Google Play developers will need to enable 2-Step Verification and meet identity requirements

To improve developer security on the Play Store, Google is requiring those that develop for Android to abide by 2-Step Verification and new identity requirements later this year.

Google Play Console Stories March 2, 2021

Google Play Console adds new metrics, comparative benchmarks for Android developers

The Google Play Console is rolling out new engagement and monetization benchmarks to better inform performance. Powered by differential privacy, Android developers can use this information to make “more informed decisions about [their] product roadmaps and opportunities.”

Google Play Console Stories June 10, 2020

As part of the Android 11 Beta launch, Google is touting a “Modern Android Development” initiative to help developers be “more efficient, productive and happier.” One part of this a redesigned Google Play Console that’s available in beta today.

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Google Play Console Stories August 13, 2019

Beyond search and editorial highlights, one way to look for Android apps in the Play Store is via categories. Google Play is now letting developers add tags to their applications to further tune where a listing appears.

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Google Play Console Stories August 24, 2018

App Store curation is a trend on both Android and iOS with Google last year introducing an Editors’ Choice section featuring editorial lists and recommendations. Google is now providing developers with more insight into how users are discovering apps on the Play Store.

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Google Play Console Stories October 19, 2017

For the past several years, Google has hosted a developer event called Playtime centered around the Play Store and apps to share best practices and new tools. At this year’s Playtime, Google announced a number of new tools for developers, including a Security Reward Program, as well as some new features for the Play Store.

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Google Play Console Stories April 19, 2017

The Google Play Console — previously known as the Google Play Developer Console — has today received a Material Design facelift. The Play Console serves as a place for app developers to track the status of the Android apps they’ve published to the store, and now it’s just a bit prettier…

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