Google Titan Security Key Stories August 30, 2018

The average person in 2018 is at least aware of two-factor authentication in one form or another. Online banking is the most likely place they’ve encountered it and unfortunately the experience is quite lacking. Ignoring that SMS-based 2FA is not secure, remembering and entering a numeric code is a big inconvenience.

However, it is free, with everyone having a phone — not even needing a smart one — the adoption of two-factor in light of countless online threats is only going to increase. If it’s inevitable, the process should be improved and one way to do that is through security keys.

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While Cloud Next is traditionally a software-focussed event, Google last month announced its own line of two-factor authentication (2FA) devices. Titan Security Keys are primarily aimed at high-value IT administrators, but Google is also making them widely available through the Google Store for any security-conscious user to purchase.

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Google Titan Security Key Stories July 26, 2018

One of the few hardware announcements at the software-heavy Cloud Next is the Titan Security Key. This method of two-factor authentication is particularly resistant to phishing, with Google deciding to offer its own solution for high-value users. Fortunately, anybody is able to purchase one and use with a free Google Account.

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Google Titan Security Key Stories July 25, 2018

Besides Pixel phones, Chromebooks, and Home smart speakers, Google also develops enterprise-focused hardware. That lineup is expanding on the second day of Cloud Next 2018 with the company announcing its own 2FA Security Key as part of the Titan secure elements family. The company also unveiled the Edge TPU for the Internet of Things.

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