launchers Stories October 8, 2020

Blloc’s minimal Ratio launcher leaves beta, now available on Play Store

There are a wealth of third-party Android launchers on the Google Play Store but one of the most unique, Blloc’s Ratio launcher has now left beta and is available to all on the Google Play Store.

launchers Stories July 19, 2017

Google Now Launcher is a popular way for Android users on nearly any device to get an experience similar to using a Nexus or Google Pixel, but it’s often criticized for not having enough customization options. Luckily, XDA developer Deletescape decided to create a new launcher based on AOSP called Lawnchair that replicates the Google Now Launcher and adds dozens of settings to help personalize your home screen.

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launchers Stories December 30, 2016

ADW Launcher 2 exits beta, premium unlock half off for a limited time [Video]

I personally am not very into custom launchers — I prefer a stock launcher experience, whether that means using Google Now Launcher or the new Pixel Launcher — but if you’re a launcher aficionado, you’re probably aware of ADW Launcher. The launcher was a lot more popular back in the days of Android KitKat (and earlier), but earlier this year it was resurrected as a beta in a post-Material Design world…

launchers Stories April 4, 2016

Latest Nova Launcher beta introduces ‘Night Mode’, more search bar choices

Nova Launcher is easily one of the best launchers available for Android right now. That’s mostly thanks to the fact that you can change virtually any part of the Android user interface. Whether you want to download custom icon packs, change their size, change the home screen, folder or app drawer layout, it can do virtually anything. And the latest beta version adds a couple of new, welcome additions.

launchers Stories March 2, 2016

Nova Launcher Prime for Android drops to $0.99 (reg. $4.99)

Nova Launcher is one of the best launchers available for Android on the Play Store. It lets you customize virtually every part of your smartphone user interface. While the free version is great, the premium ‘Prime’ version offers far more fine-tuning capabilities and normally costs $5. For a limited time, Nova Launcher is now available for just $0.99.

Nova Launcher Prime Unlock the following extras by purchasing Nova Launcher Prime • Gestures – Swipe, pinch, double tap and more on the home screen to open your favorite apps • Unread Counts – Never miss a message. Unread count badges for Hangouts, SMS, Gmail and more using the TeslaUnread plugin • Custom Drawer Groups – Create new tabs or folders in the app drawer • Hide Apps – Keep a clean app drawer by hiding never used apps • Icon Swipes – Set custom actions for swiping on app shortcuts or folders • More scroll effects – Such as Wipe, Accordion, and Throw

It’s worth noting that Nova Launcher Prime isn’t an app download in itself, rather, it acts as a license to unlock the listed features in the free Nova Launcher app. What that means in simple terms, is that you need to download and install the free version before you can head to the Play Store and pay for the Prime version.


launchers Stories February 4, 2016


Over the past few months, Sony has been testing various concept software, offering it up to Xperia owners as part of a limited public beta test. One XDA Developers member was able to port the home launcher and release it as a downloadable APK which works on any Android device with Lollipop or later, and doesn’t require rooting. Needless to say, we were eager to go hands-on…

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launchers Stories January 12, 2016


Update 1/13: In another update (version, the normalized app icons were removed and are now back to their original size. The feature was likely just a bug. This update also fixes the gap between the favorites tray and onscreen buttons in landscape and the non-grayed out buttons when the launcher is opened.

The Google Now Launcher received quite a few updates in version of the Google app. The launcher, which resides within the Google app, now has landscape orientation and normalizes the size of app icons.

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launchers Stories July 29, 2015


A couple of days ago, Microsoft pushed out a beta version of a new Android launcher out to testers. Arrow Launcher aims to give you all the most important people and apps as efficiently as possible. Apps are on one screen, notes and reminders on another, and contacts on a third.

It’s still in its early beta stages, but Arrow Launcher reminds me a little of Yahoo’s Aviate launcher. It’s not the most customizable launcher ever developed, but it does seem efficient and I can see, with time, it’ll be really productive. I’ve put together a quick video to give you an overview of all the features of Arrow Launcher.

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launchers Stories October 3, 2013

Chrome 31 Beta released with shortcuts for web apps on Android & more

Google today announced the release of Chrome Beta 31 for Android and desktop that includes new web app shortcuts on Android, an improved auto complete experience for payments, and much more.

The new application shortcuts for Chrome for Android allows you to add a shortcut to a webpage to your Android home screen. While you could already save a similar type of shortcut on Android, Google is now giving the sites an option to open in a special fullscreen mode without all the browser controls:

Sites launched in this way will open in a normal Chrome for Android window, unless they include themobile-web-app-capable meta tag. Those sites will instead open in a special fullscreen Chrome for Android window that doesn’t display tabs, buttons, menus, or the Omnibox. Try adding a shortcut to to see this in action.

Chrome 31 also includes a smoother experience for autocomplete on Android, Windows, and Chrome OS (soon on Mac) that makes it easier to fill out forms online starting first with payments:

requestAutocomplete() makes it easier for users to fill out online forms by offering web developers programmatic access to the browser’s autocomplete information (with the user’s explicit permission). For this first release, we’ve made it work for web payments. On sites with requestAutocomplete(), users will be able to either use their existing payment data stored with the browser or enter new details through a browser-provided interface. As a developer, you can continue processing payments with your existing payment processor.

The release has a ton of other new features and improvements including new Chrome Apps APIs, the ability for developers to execute native code with Portable Native Client (PNaCl), Speech recognition with the JavaScript Web Speech API, and much more. A full list of what’s new is available on the Chromium blog.

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