Meizu Stories March 6, 2019

Meizu Zero, the first port-less smartphone, was a hilarious failure w/ only 29 backers

2019 hasn’t only ushered in foldable smartphones, but it also delivered the world’s first smartphones without any ports. The first of those was the Meizu Zero, and as it turns out, it was a hilarious failure.

Meizu Stories January 23, 2019

Since the loss of the headphone jack, many have assumed that we’ll eventually see a device which drops each and every port. Today, that’s exactly what’s happening with the arrival of the Meizu Zero, the first smartphone without a single cutout.

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Meizu Stories April 25, 2018

Meizu is partnering with Google to launch an Android Go phone

Another OEM has joined Google in its international, affordability-focused Android Go program.

Meizu Stories December 30, 2016

Meizu settles with Qualcomm over licensing dispute, resuming international expansion

Back in June, Meizu — known for interesting designs and high specs at low prices — was sued by Qualcomm for refusing to pay licensing fees. The two companies have since settled (via Bloomberg), with four lawsuits around the world coming to a close and Meizu agreeing to license its usage of various tech.

Meizu Stories November 30, 2016


Meizu is a somewhat unknown brand for many customers, but over the past couple of years the Chinese manufacturer has been putting out some pretty impressive Android smartphones. Today, it has taken the wraps off of its latest flagship, the Meizu PRO 6 Plus with its powerful spec list and affordable price tag.

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Meizu Stories November 7, 2016


With the Mi Mix, there is no doubt that Xiaomi has done something outstanding — and, considering today’s general standards, quite futuristic, too. But, if that’s the direction we’re heading towards, it will become increasingly more natural for us to expect the various OEMs to up the ante in the race to the truly bezel-less smartphone.

And Meizu could be next…

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