Motorola MA1 Stories April 29

Wireless Android Auto is incredibly convenient, but it’s still relatively rare to find this feature built into your vehicle. However, a simple wireless Android Auto adapter makes it incredibly easy to add the functionality — here are some of the biggest questions about the products.

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Motorola MA1 Stories April 19

Wireless Android Auto has been around for quite a while now, but for ages, it felt like something that only a brand new car would solve. That all changed with the arrival of wireless Android Auto dongles, and the Motorola MA1 dongle was pitched as the “easy” version, with a dead-simple experience and direct backing from Google. After a few months of use, though, I’m not so convinced MA1 is the best option.

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Motorola MA1 Stories March 9

Wireless Android Auto is a convenient feature, and judging by the popularity of the Motorola MA1 and AAWireless, it’s also something a whole lot of people want to get their hands on. Unfortunately, the Motorola MA1 has been left completely out of stock across all storefronts for over a month now, and scalpers are taking advantage of the unmet demand.

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Motorola MA1 Stories February 4

Here’s where to buy the Motorola MA1 dongle for wireless Android Auto [Update: Sold out]

The demand for adding wireless Android Auto to your car is unsurprisingly high, which makes Motorola’s “dead simple” MA1 dongle a hard gadget to buy. Here’s where you can find it in the US.

Motorola MA1 Stories February 1

Motorola’s wireless Android Auto dongle sells out instantly on Amazon, now available at Target [U]

The first Google-certified dongle for bringing wireless Android Auto to cars is launching today, but launch inventory sold out instantly. Luckily, a restock of the Motorola MA1 is in the works.

Motorola MA1 Stories January 27

Wireless Android Auto support is something rarely seen built into cars, but the rise of third-party dongles has made it much easier to bring this functionality to cars that don’t already have it. Tomorrow, a new wireless Android Auto dongle under the Motorola brand will officially launch, and – based on our brief first impressions – the Motorola MA1 seems like a great option.

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