Meta Stories November 11

Amazon cost-cutting review looking at Alexa as Meta pulls out of smartwatches and displays

As belt-tightening measures continue across the tech industry, notable hardware pullbacks are occurring from both established (Amazon with Alexa) and newer (Meta’s Portal smart displays) players. 

Meta Stories June 9

Following last night’s leak that Meta has canceled its first smartwatch, The Information reports that Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, is delaying a 2024 launch of AR glasses, while Portal is going business first.

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Meta Stories June 8

For the past two years, Meta’s Reality Labs hardware division has been working on a smartwatch that was just canceled this week, though not before extensive details fully leaked out.

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Meta Stories May 2

Meta has been teasing Project Cambria as a high-end mixed reality headset for some time now, and a new report describes it as a “Chromebook for the face.”

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Meta Stories April 13

As Google reportedly plans to release an AR headset in 2024, a new report reveals that Meta wants to release its first-generation augmented reality glasses that same year. One particularly surprising detail was how Meta’s AR glasses originally planned to use Fuchsia.

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Meta Stories January 5

Back in December, it emerged that Google was developing an “Augmented Reality OS.” As the company’s efforts spin up, Meta has stopped work on its own equivalent VR/AR OS in favor of continuing to use Android.

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Meta Stories November 8, 2021

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg showed off Facebook’s – now Meta’s –  vision for the future of technology and social interaction, I’ve been trying to imagine what the Google equivalent would be. I’ve concluded that such a metaverse direction is a direct contradiction to Google’s modern vision of tech that assists.

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