The Nexus 5 appears set to match or beat the iPhone 5s in graphics performance, according to benchmark data posted on the the GFXBench website, achieving 23.1 frames per second in a key test.

The GFXBench T-Rex tests are one of the most demanding tests of the graphics performance of a phone, and provide a particularly good guide to how well a handset is likely to fare when paying graphics-intensive games. The just-released iPhone currently tops the T-Rex scores, but one of the four tests appears to show that the Adreno 330 expected to be used in the Nexus 5 will at least equal that performance … 

The Nexus 5 is, however, included in only one of the six GFX tests.

There have been a number of leaks surrounding the new Nexus phone due to replace the Nexus 4 in the next month or so. FCC approvals appeared to confirm that the impressively-specced handset is being made by LG, after it was earlier spotted in a KitKat promo video that Google swiftly withdrew.

Via PhoneArena

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2 Responses to “Nexus 5 to “match or beat” iPhone 5s graphics performance – preliminary benchmarks”

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