Hisense Stories June 16

Last year’s Hisense U8G is a stellar TV, but its latest update on top of Android TV has been causing issues with audio cutouts. Thankfully, there’s a fix on its way.

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Hisense Stories May 17

Google’s Android TV has long been competing for its place in the market, and in the United States it primarily goes against Roku and Amazon’s Fire TV. Most Android TV and Google TV partners also sell Roku models, but they’ve never mixed in with Fire TV. That changes now, as Hisense has launched its first Amazon Fire TV model.

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Hisense Stories January 4

As Google TV takes over the company’s strategy for the living room, Hisense is joining the club as it transitions from Android TV to Google TV on its 2022 lineup. Here’s what’s coming.

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Hisense Stories September 20, 2021

Hisense will let you try an Android TV in your home for 100 days

The latest deal from Hisense gives you 100 days to try one of their latest Android TVs in your own home or return it for a full refund.

Hisense Stories July 23, 2021

As Google’s Android TV platform continues to expand, the TVs running it are only getting better. For the past couple of months, I’ve been using the Hisense U8G that runs Android TV with a great display, and importantly, much better software performance than I expected.

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Hisense Stories May 19, 2021

Android TV has seen hefty growth over the past few years, recently with a big boost in the United States. Helping to lead that charge is Android TV built into smart TVs. As Google TV takes over, we’re still waiting to find out who will and won’t adopt it. As far as Hisense goes, the company tells us it’s “happy” with Android TV as it stands with no immediate plans for Google TV.

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Hisense Stories May 5, 2021

This is the funniest Android TV announcement you’ll ever watch [Video]

In a year where the pandemic kept every product announcement online and mostly pre-recorded, it’s refreshing to see someone try something different. Earlier today Hisense unveiled its new slate of Android TV models for 2021, and it was by far the most entertaining, funniest tech event in recent memory, thanks in part to Joel McHale.

During the Joel McHale-hosted, best tech event of all time today, Hisense unveiled its 2021 lineup of ULED TVs, most of which are running on top of Google’s Android TV platform. Here’s what you need to know.

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Hisense Stories November 27, 2019

Smart TVs are just about everywhere at this point and slowly but surely, Google’s Android TV is also breaking into that market. Hisense has been putting out Android TV models for a little while now and for the past few weeks, I’ve been using the Hisense H9F – here’s what you need to know.

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Hisense Stories May 9, 2019

Hisense debuts 2019 Android TV lineup w/ 4K HDR models starting at $399, available now

Android TV is slowly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the TV market, and today Hisense has announced its latest collection of 4K HDR models powered by Google’s platform. The Hisense H8F and H9F series pack Android TV, Google Assistant, 4K HDR, and start at just $399.

Hisense Stories June 12, 2018

Android TV has seen a lot of growth in the past couple of years, and the platform saw a ton of new hardware at CES earlier this year. At the same time, Hisense announced that it would be adopting Google’s platform, and today the company’s first Android TV models are going on sale.

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Hisense Stories January 8, 2018

Hisense is bringing Android TV and Google Assistant to its high-end 4K TVs

Android TV is seeing expansion to a ton of new manufacturers this week at CES 2018, and now Hisense is joining the party with a couple of its high-end 4K TVs.

Hisense Stories September 8, 2015

Rdio adds support for Google Cast for audio, more connected speaker systems & smart TVs

Popular music streaming service Rdio is today announcing an expansion of its support for connected speaker systems and smart TVs, including Google’s new Google Cast for Audio platform introduced earlier this year. 

In addition to supporting speakers that integrate Google’s Cast for audio platform, the music service is now available on Harman/Kardon, Denon, and the DTS Play-Fi Whole-Home Wireless ecosystem featuring leading brands such as Definitive Technology, Phorus, Polk Audio and Wren. The company also noted that it’s now available on Samsung smart TVs and arriving soon on smart TVs from LG and Hisense.

Previously Rdio was only available on Sonos speakers and setup boxes like the Apple TV and Google Chromecast.

Rdio is available free with ads or as an ad-free service for $9.99/month unlimited or on certain devices for $3.99/month with a limited number of on demand songs per day.

Hisense Stories January 9, 2014


Although Google TV has not been the company’s most successful venture by any means, that hasn’t stopped several other companies from trying-out the concept. At CES 2014, Hisense is showing off its new set top box, the Pulse Pro. From the outside, it looks very similar to any other set-top box, but what’s interesting is that it’s running what Hisense calls “Android TV v4.” It’s not technically Google TV, although it’s built off of the same foundation. It is capable of running Google TV apps and also features the same PrimeTime Guide (via CNET).

One noticeable difference between the Pulse Pro and other Google TV devices is the home screen design. Everything is laid out in a very image-focused design, with the ability to quickly access Netflix, Vudu, Amazon Video, and more.

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