Microsoft Surface Duo Stories March 15

For better or worse, the foldable dual-screen Surface Duo, Microsoft’s first Android phone, was one of the most interesting devices launched last year. According to a new report, a successor to the Surface Duo is in the works to be launched later this year.

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Microsoft Surface Duo Stories March 3

Microsoft is publicly sharing its efforts to improve Google’s Flutter SDK with better support for foldable devices, particularly the Surface Duo.

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Microsoft Surface Duo Stories February 15

After releasing in late 2020 with a slightly outdated Android 10 build, the Microsoft Surface Duo’s Android 11 update looks like it will arrive closer to the full release of the next iteration — Android 12.

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Microsoft Surface Duo Stories February 11

Surface Duo gets $400 price drop in the US, European launch next week

Microsoft’s first Android Foldable launched in September to mixed reviews, while updates in the intervening five months have been focused on stability fixes rather than new features. The Surface Duo is coming to Europe next week and getting a $400 price drop in the US.

Microsoft Surface Duo Stories October 23, 2020

Microsoft Store discounts Surface Duo by $200, now starting at $1,199

Microsoft launched its Android Foldable just a little over six weeks ago. The reception on the company’s most recent phone outing and new category entrant has been mixed. In possible response, the Surface Duo has now been discounted $200 on the official company store.

Microsoft Surface Duo Stories September 10, 2020

Last October, Microsoft unveiled the Surface Duo, its latest — but certainly not its first — attempt to build a smartphone that lives up to the company’s productivity reputation on other platforms. Now, after almost a year, the Surface Duo dual screens (and its reviews) have arrived. And as you’ll be able to tell after reading this review roundup, it seems it probably could have used another year to bake before making its official debut…

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