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Microsoft Surface Duo

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Google launches Android 12L for Pixel today; Samsung & Microsoft tablets/foldables this year

Back in October, Google announced Android 12L as an unexpected “special feature drop” to improve the OS on tablets and foldables devices. After one 12L developer preview and three betas, this next release of Android — officially version 12.1 — is launching for Pixel phones alongside the March Feature Drop, while Google detailed what’s coming for tablets and foldables.

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Microsoft Surface Duo’s Android 11 update is right around the corner, Android 12L next [U]

Microsoft Surface Duo updates

Microsoft’s Surface Duo debuted in 2020 as a unique take on a dual-screen device, but it launched with plenty of software issues that prevented it from being a success. Making matters worse, Microsoft just went an entire year without bringing Android 11 to the Surface Duo, though on the bright side, it sounds like Android 12L will be coming in the future.

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Surface Duo review roundup: An expensive multitasking mixed bag

Surface Duo Android 11

Last October, Microsoft unveiled the Surface Duo, its latest — but certainly not its first — attempt to build a smartphone that lives up to the company’s productivity reputation on other platforms. Now, after almost a year, the Surface Duo dual screens (and its reviews) have arrived. And as you’ll be able to tell after reading this review roundup, it seems it probably could have used another year to bake before making its official debut…

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