Apple AirPods Stories October 19

AirPods Pro 2 just came out a few weeks ago and are largely regarded as some of the best earbuds on the market. Unlike most Apple products, AirPods generally work really well with Android phones and are a great choice for everyone including Pixel users. Unfortunately, though, the latest AirPods Pro 2 aren’t working well Pixel due to a bug with A2DP offloading.

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Apple AirPods Stories August 18

Truly, wireless earbuds are usually best used for music, but they can also make phone calls a whole lot more convenient. Usually, though, that comes with a drop in voice quality. In a new microphone test, Pixel Buds Pro competes with the king of the hill, AirPods Pro, along with Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds 2 Pro – and Google holds up surprisingly well.

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Apple AirPods Stories August 4

Google’s latest earbuds, the Pixel Buds Pro, are well positioned to be a strong competitor to Apple’s AirPods Pro, especially for Android owners. But which set will take the crown as the better noise canceling earbuds? Let’s break it down.

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Apple AirPods Stories September 14, 2020

Last night, the US Customs and Border Patrol Agency announced a seizure of 2,000 pairs of OnePlus Buds on the grounds that they were counterfeit AirPods. A hilarious mistake, we all thought, but it seems there’s more to the story. Now, US Customs claims that OnePlus Buds actually violate Apple’s AirPods trademark.

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Apple’s AirPods are certainly the most well-known truly wireless earbuds, so their name has been almost a generic term for the form factor. Now, that confusion has reached hilarious ends as the US Customs and Border Protection Agency has seized thousands of “counterfeit AirPods” that are actually very legitimate OnePlus Buds.

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Apple AirPods Stories November 27, 2019

Do AirPods Pro work with Android?

So you’re a happy Android user, but you’ve been eyeing Apple’s new AirPods Pro with a little envy. “Do Airpods Pro work with Android?” you think to yourself. Well, there’s good news and not-so-good news.

Apple AirPods Stories April 4, 2019

PSA: If you’re having trouble w/ AirPods 2 on Android, you probably need to update firmware

Just a couple of weeks ago, Apple quietly unveiled its new AirPods 2, a revised version of the world’s most popular wireless earbuds. Despite that they work better with iOS, they’re still a popular choice for Android users. However, AirPods 2 with Android do have a slight snag. They don’t seem to work well until you’ve updated the firmware… which requires an iOS device.

Apple AirPods Stories February 8, 2018

Despite the fact that Apple’s AirPods only work as simple Bluetooth headphones while paired to Android devices, it hasn’t stopped a third-party developer from making an app that shows you the two earbuds’ battery life similarly to how it appears on iOS devices. Here’s how it all works…

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Apple AirPods Stories December 5, 2017

Leading up to Google’s October 4 event, we knew that Google was planning to introduce a pair of wireless earbuds that would compete with the likes of Apple’s AirPods. The key differentiator for Pixel Buds — besides Android optimizations — is the Google Assistant. They seemed more sophisticated and feature packed than the competition even with the wire connecting the buds.

As we wrote in the Pixel Buds’ review, these are the smartest earbuds you can buy, but with some clear flaws. Unfortunately, though, those flaws were enough for me to return my personal set and switch back to using AirPods with my Pixel 2…

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Apple AirPods Stories October 10, 2017

Truly wireless headphones are the latest craze in the “wearable” industry, and the top player right now, for good reason, is Apple’s AirPods. The $159 wireless earbuds are perfect for iPhone users, but they also work pretty well with Android. Now an Android developer has taken that to the next level by giving AirPods the ability to summon Google Assistant.

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