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December 2

Can you use an Apple Watch with Android phones?

The Apple Watch is one of the most coherent and attractive wearables on the market, so there are sure to be plenty of Android users tempted by its sleek lines and genuinely useful functionality. However, do you need to give up your Android phone to embrace the Apple Watch? Can you use an Apple Watch with Android phones?

November 27

Do AirPods Pro work with Android?

So you’re a happy Android user, but you’ve been eyeing Apple’s new AirPods Pro with a little envy. “Do Airpods Pro work with Android?” you think to yourself. Well, there’s good news and not-so-good news.

How to use Google Chrome’s built-in password manager

Passwords are the bane of our internet existence. It’s impossible to remember them all. It’s even harder to come up with good ones. A password manager is highly recommended, but did you know that Chrome already has one built-in?

November 25

Where is the Google Docs download for Windows?

Google Docs and the rest of the Google cloud suite is super-useful, but what happens when the internet goes out? Where is the Google Docs download for Windows?

Google is pretty generous with its cloud storage. Every Google account gets at least 15GB in free storage. Which is a lot! However, for just a few dollars Google One gets you more space plus a few interesting bonus features. So, is Google One worth it?

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Android 10, also known as Android Q, has yet to reach even the latest phones from manufacturers such as Samsung. That doesn’t mean the folks at Google are sitting on their laurels. Rumblings about Android 11 are there if you’re listening closely. No, it’s not “R” for “Razr“, but no one has a picture of Android 11 and that folding Razr is pretty cool.

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Google Stadia offers a tantalizing glimpse of a future where you don’t need an expensive console or PC to play AAA games at 4K and 60 frames per second. Google wants everyone to get in on that experience, but at launch, only a select few phones can actually be used to stream games.

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Google Chromebooks sure look a lot like any other normal laptop. However, when it comes to Chromebooks vs laptops, that resemblance is only skin deep. So which type of clam-shell computer is right for you? It turns out there’s a surprisingly long list of things to consider before making your purchase!

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November 20

Netflix-style subscription models for video games are quickly gaining popularity. From Microsoft’s Game Pass to EA’s Origin Access, paying a monthly fee to access a library of games seems like an idea with legs. Now both the major mobile providers have their own take, but when it comes to Apple Arcade vs Google Play Pass, which service comes out on top?

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Can you use Google Stadia with iPhone?

With Google Stadia’s launch, it’s natural to want a chance to try this new high-end game streaming service for yourself. The question is, if you’re an iPhone user, can you get in on the game?

November 19

“Is the Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL worth it?” That’s the question on the lips of many a smartphone user following the launch of Google’s latest in-house Android phone. Why are users suddenly contemplating the switch to the Google side of things?

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November 18

We’re in the midst of Apple TV+ hype, but one particular group of people are feeling particularly left out. That’s right, Android phone users have no Apple TV app to call their own, but does that mean you’re completely locked out of seeing what all the fuss is about?

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Google Stadia is inching every closer to release and the bigwigs at Alphabet are punting it as a literal game changer. So how does Stadia work? If you’re wondering what the deal with Stadia is, we’ll break it down to the basics for you.

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Most people think of Google Chrome as a simple web browser, but the truth is that it has to do many tasks that aren’t altogether different from what the proper operating system does.  So it’s no surprise that Chrome is equipped with its own task manager. It also happens to be a powerful tool to diagnose and fix many desktop Chrome issues that crop up!

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November 7

How to use ‘dockless’ DeX on the Galaxy Note 10

Samsung’s DeX desktop environment gives us a smart way to use all that processing power in flagship Galaxy phones for something other than browsing Instagram. DeX provides a Windows-like desktop experience, but you have to buy a special DeX Station to make it all work. That is, unless you have one of the new 10-series phones. How does this “dockless” DeX work?

November 6

Unless you have huge pockets, chances are that there’s no document scanner on you most of the time. However, plenty of people have figured out that they can simply take a picture of any document with their smartphone. That’s a smart idea, but the Google Drive app actually has a supercharged camera-based scanning function that takes this simple trick to the next level. Let’s learn how to scan documents to Google Drive.

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