Google Home Max Stories December 14

The Home Max is now available for purchase which means Google now sells three different smart speakers, all serving separate purposes. The Max, being the largest of the three, is intended to be a premium quality speaker which just happens to have Google Assistant built-in.

But at $400, the Home Max can be a difficult purchase to make. Are you buying one for your house?

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I got the Google Home Max yesterday. I bought the white one from Verizon in the minutes after it went on sale. I got the free shipping option which was about as fast as the 1 day shipping from Best Buy. It comes packaged nicely in a very Googley box pictured above.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Google Home Max Stories December 13

How to set up your Google Home Max

With the Google Home Max being delivered to customers now, we figured it would be a good time to walk you through how to set up and get started with your new smart speaker. Thankfully, most of the set up process takes place within the Home app, which means the entire process just takes a few minutes.

Google Home Max Stories December 11

Update 10:35 ET: Currently out of stock at Verizon and Best Buy – hope you got in early. 

As predicted by the Best Buy leak a few weeks ago, Google’s Home Max is now available at a few different retailers. You’ll want to get your order in ASAP for Holiday deliveries.

Available at:

Also it still shows Waitlist at Google, and B&H but we expect that to change at some point today.  expand full story

Google Home Max Stories November 30

Google has publicly said that its new high-end Google Home Max speaker will be released in December, but until now we didn’t have any idea at what point within that month you might be able to trot down to a store and actually pick one up. According to Best Buy at least, that day will be December 11th, 2017.

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Google Home Max Stories November 24

How to delete all audio recordings captured by your Google Home

Depending on your personal opinion, you may think the fact that Google stores all audio recordings from Home as either awesome or extremely weird. Either way, you might one day want to delete all of those recordings. Thankfully, Google makes it extremely easy to do so right from the “My Activity” interface…

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