Belkin Stories May 21, 2020

There’s a Google Assistant speaker at this point in every shape and size, and to suit every need or price. Back at CES, Belkin showed me its new Soundform Elite Assistant speaker, the very first one to include wireless charging built-in. Now, I’ve spent the past couple of months using it, and as great as it is, I have a tough time figuring out who it’s for. Let’s talk.

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Belkin Stories January 8, 2020

At this point there are a crazy amount of Google Assistant speakers on the market, but the majority of them really only serve a single purpose. Personally, I love it when companies do something creative to turn two products into one, and that’s exactly what Belkin has done with its Soundform Elite Hi-Fi.

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Belkin Stories January 6, 2020

Google Assistant speakers have been taking over CES in recent years and this year, Belkin has a clever new speaker to share. In partnership with Devialet, Belkin’s new Google Assistant speaker has hi-fi audio and built-in wireless charging.

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Belkin Stories March 29, 2019

Google’s Pixel 3 is the first device since the Nexus 6 from the company to offer wireless charging, and that functionality was sorely missed. Its return didn’t come without a catch, though. To enable a 10W fast wireless charger to work with the Pixel 3, Google uses a proprietary standard, and lately, I’ve been checking out one of the first third-party options from Belkin.

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Belkin Stories June 26, 2018

Belkin announces USB-C keyboard w/ built-in stand for Chromebook tablets

As Chrome OS gets increasingly touch-optimized, more and more manufacturers are releasing tablets and convertibles. Accessory makers are also taking note with Staedtler announcing a stylus yesterday, and Belkin today unveiling a wired USB-C keyboard.

Belkin Stories September 21, 2016

The latest Google Store addition is a Belkin USB-C car charger that costs $45

Sometimes Google adds a new product to its online retail presence, the Google Store. Today, that new product is a regular ol’ Belkin USC Type-C car charger. And it costs a whopping $45.

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