Blogger Stories July 16, 2020

Google’s free Blogger tool makes it easy for anyone to start their own website, but the platform is undergoing some issues in India this week. Somehow, Google unfortunately let the “” domain lapse, breaking millions of sites and potentially putting them at further risk.

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Blogger Stories June 8, 2020

Last October, Blogger for Android saw a surprising Material Theme revamp. Google’s writing platform is seeing another quiet update that introduces a modern and responsive design on the web.

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Blogger Stories October 14, 2019

Remember Google’s Blogger platform? If not, we’d understand, but tonight Google has started rolling out a major refresh to the Blogger app for Android in its first update since 2016, weirdly on the eve of its big hardware event.

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Blogger Stories February 23, 2015

blogger-homepageGoogle announced tonight that it will be updating its adult content policy on the Blogger platform once again. Starting March 23rd, no sites built on Blogger will be allowed to publicly share “sexually explicit” content or media containing “graphic nudity.”

Sites that currently host objectionable content will be required to either remove it or set the blog to private. Google also suggests exporting a site and moving it to a different host if neither of those options are suitable. Blogs that violate the policy after March 25th will risk being set to private automatically. Google says no sites will be completely deleted due to this change.

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Blogger Stories June 27, 2013

Google bans monetization of adult content on Blogger

The Verge reports that Google is banning the monetization of adult content on its Blogger service, though adult content will continue to be permitted provided there are no accompanying ads for adult sites.

The move seems designed to address blog sites which are no more than vehicles for promoting porn sites.

Blogger Stories February 18, 2013

Download Blogger blogs and more Google+ data with Google Takeout

Google recently made some updates to its Google Takeout service to allow users to download even more types of content from both Blogger and Google+. As noted recently on its Data Liberation blog, Google is now allowing users to download each of their Blogger blogs as an Atom Xml file. It is also adding more ways to download data from Google+, including the ability to download your posts as HTML files and your Google+ Circles as JSON files. Google noted that it can also just “export a single blog or page of your choice.”

(via Android Central) 

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