Discord Stories August 2

Discord users complain about new Android update built using cross-platform framework

Yesterday, Discord for Android officially launched a “major overhaul” that leverages a cross-platform framework to make development easier and more in line with the iOS app, but the update is resulting in a number of complaints.

Discord Stories August 1

discord app for android

The messaging app popular among gamers, Discord, is picking up a complete revamp on Android, with the goal of delivering new features at the same pace as other platforms.

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Discord Stories February 17

nvidia geforce now

Nvidia’s GeForce Now has been steadily improving its integration with other gaming platforms and services, and the latest update delivers a useful new addition. Starting with the latest GeForce Now app updates, Discord integration has arrived.

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Discord Stories September 22, 2021

Discrod for Android Beta

Discord users may soon get access to a new feature that officially brings YouTube integration to the chat platform and allows users to watch videos together.

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Discord Stories September 13, 2021

YouTube nukes popular ‘Groovy,’ ‘Rythm’ Discord music bots for breaking platform’s ToS [U]

YouTube is first and foremost a place to share videos, but the platform has long been a great place to stream music essentially for free. Sometimes, that functionality gets abused, and YouTube has to step in, which is what happened recently with the popular Discord service “Groovy Bot” and, after that, “Rythm.”

Discord Stories August 16, 2021

YouTube offers Discord Nitro free to some Premium subscribers, and vice versa too

YouTube Premium delivers an ad-free experience, background play, and several other features, but one of its more underrated perks might be the freebies that subscribers are sometimes offered. Right now, some YouTube Premium subscribers are getting an offer for a free extended trial of Discord Nitro.

Discord Stories November 11, 2020

Discord on Android begins testing screen-sharing in latest beta

Although originally geared toward gamers, Discord has become an essential communications tool for millions, especially as voice and video channels make it a “must-have.” While the Android version of Discord isn’t lacking in functionality, the latest beta build is now bringing screen-sharing to mobiles.

Discord Stories September 4, 2019

After Hours: USB4, Roku’s new soundbar, Discord comes to Samsung’s Game Launcher

As we continue looking into Android 10 and prepare for announcements from IFA 2019, some other stories of the day include gaming on Android, new hardware from Roku and Fire TV, USB4, and more.

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