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After Hours: Wi-Fi 6, KaiOS developers, OnePlus TV has Alexa, more

To kick off the new week we had, if you can imagine, more Pixel leaks, but also a bunch of news regarding Android TV, Wear OS, and finally a date for the Pixel 4 event. Alongside that, however, other stories include Wi-Fi 6, KaiOS, and more.

After Hours Stories September 12

After Hours: Disney+ goes live early, Vudu offers family-friendly filters, more

Pixel 4 leaks keep coming, and they’re honestly getting tiring, but there was a ton of other Google news today with new Photos features and more. In some of the day’s other stories, Disney+ went live in one country with a ton of content, Vudu debuts a new Family Play filtering feature, and more.

After Hours Stories September 11

After Hours: Fairphone 3 repairability, à la carte TV channels, more

If you can imagine it, Pixel 4 leaks were among today’s top stories yet again, but on the day after Apple’s iPhone, other stories include how easy it is to repair the Fairphone 3, a new case from Razer, and more.

After Hours Stories September 10

After Hours: Android games w/ high refresh rates, new Xiaomi Mi TV, more

Apple dominated the news cycle today with even more Google Pixel 4 leaks sneaking in too, but in some other stories we’ve got high refresh rate games for Android, teasers for new TVs, and more.

After Hours Stories September 9

After Hours: Spotify notifications, OnePlus TV design, MIUI ads, more

As the Google Nest Hub Max went on sale today, we got even more Pixel 4 leaks and much more. Some of the day’s other stories include teases of the OnePlus TV, Spotify news, a way to turn off ads on Xiaomi’s MIUI, and more.

After Hours Stories September 6

The Pixel 4 leaks keep flowing, but in some of today’s other stories, we’ve got new earbuds from Nokia, news regarding next year’s 5G, and more.

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