financials Stories May 26, 2016


Lenovo has now published its financial earnings report for the final quarter of its 2015/16 fiscal year, ending in March. Highlights for the Hong Kong-based company include full year revenue of $44.9 billion, with Q4 revenue of $9.1 billion, which is down 19% on the same quarter last year. On the whole, it was a fairly uneventful quarter, but Lenovo recognizes its bid to bring in Motorola hasn’t gone as smoothly as planned.

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financials Stories May 10, 2016

LG reshuffling mobile division to ‘move faster and lighter’

Following a third straight quarterly operating loss in its mobile division, LG’s CEO Cho Juno sent an email out to employees informing them that the company needs “to change the way we work to move faster and lighter”.

In practice, this means moving people out of its mobile division, and on to other divisions where the company has been more successful. The news comes via The Korea Herald, and comes as no surprise.

financials Stories May 9, 2016

HTC Q1 2016 earnings reveal 64% drop in revenue

HTC has published its financial results for Q1 2016 and things continue to look bleak for the once-giant of the smartphone world. The company made a loss of NT $4.8 billion ($148 million) on revenues of NT $14.8 billion ($455 million). Despite that, the company is predicting a strong 2016, thanks to the recent launch of its flagship smartphone and the market-leading Vive VR headset.

financials Stories April 11, 2016

LG profit rose 66% in Q1 but mobile business not yet improving

LG has said that it expects to announce its best financial results in nearly two years when it unveils its final earnings results for Q1 2016. Thanks to the drop in television panel prices and strong appliance sales, LG will see a 66% year-on-year rise in profits. Its mobile division, however, is struggling to make money.

financials Stories January 29, 2016


Sony has published full financial results for its third fiscal quarter (Q4 for everyone else), and things are looking pretty flat for the Japanese tech giant. Overall, the company made just over $1 billion USD in profit in the three months ending on December 31, 2015. Sony saw a significant increase in PS4 software sales, and in its motion picture department. Sadly, a substantial decline in smartphone sales means the company as a whole only increased its revenue by 0.5% on the same quarter a year ago…

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financials Stories January 26, 2016


LG announced its Q4 2015 earnings this morning and revealed that although the company as a whole saw growth and profitability, the mobile division made a loss. LG made $308 million in Q4 thanks mostly to strong performance from its Home Appliance and Air Solution Company.

Despite LG’s mobile division making a loss of around $39 million, LG managed to sell 15.3 million smartphones globally in the fourth quarter, bringing its total for 2015 up to 59.7 million units. That’s slightly better than 2014, when LG managed to sell 59.1 million smartphones. Sequentially, fourth quarter sales were up 12% on the third quarter, thanks to strong performance in North America, presumably as a result of launching the V10 flagship smartphone and holiday season sales…

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