Matter Stories August 13

Back in May, the Connected Home over IP (CHIP) project to create a unified standard for smart home devices was rebranded to “Matter” ahead of the first devices becoming available in late 2021. The governing Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) announced that the launch of the Google and Apple-backed Matter has been delayed into next year.

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Matter Stories May 19

Just last week, Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP) was rebranded ahead of the first devices launching later this year. Google, at I/O 2021, announced support for Matter on Android and Google Nest devices.

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Matter Stories May 14

Philips Hue products will support Google/Apple’s ‘Matter’ smart home standard

As the market for smart home products expands, the joint forces of Google, Apple, and Amazon are coming together to form a new standard in “Matter.” This week, the company behind Philips Hue announced that a future software update will make all Hue products fully compatible with Matter.

Matter Stories May 11

With Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP), Google, Apple, Amazon, and many other companies two years ago set out to create a new standard for smart home devices. With the first products set for year’s end, this initiative is now named “Matter” with a mark to certify products.

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