Gift Guide Stories December 6

If you’re the “techie” of your family, you’re probably going to be bombarded by tech support questions over the holidays this month. If you want some simple tech gifts to offer up to the family that will make their lives a little easier going into the new year, here are a few suggestions.

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Gift Guide Stories December 2

As our lives become ever more connected to the digital world, technology creates new ways to help us get work done and to unwind with a bit of play at the end of the day (or whenever you can squeeze in a few minutes). Here are some of the best gifts you can give to anyone in your life who works hard and plays hard.

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Gift Guide Stories December 1

There is more to your home than meets the eye. Some of your regular old appliances and non-smart technology can tap into the power of the Google Assistant and we have the perfect gifts to turn friends, relatives, or your own home into a certified Google smart home.

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Gift Guide Stories November 30

Buying for someone that wants a truly portable office means they’ll need a few core pieces to ensure that you can work from just about anywhere, and this gift guide for digital nomads contains a few ‘must-haves’ to get started.

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Gift Guide Stories November 29

Photography is a great hobby to get into and as our smartphones get better and better at the task, you can capture killer shots just with your smartphone. If you want to get gifts for mobile smartphone photography here are a few options.

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Gift Guide Stories November 28

9to5Google Gift Guide: Best gifts for the everyday futurist

Next year starts a new decade, and that’s truly wild. If there’s one ’20s resolution you should subscribe to, it’s living a futuristic lifestyle. These futuristic gifts let you inject tomorrow into your giving and day-to-day affairs.

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