Unlike traditional console accessories, this Controller connects to Google’s servers directly over Wi-Fi. Your commands are sent to Stadia and those actions are reflected back on the Chromecast-connected screen.

Google Stadia Controller Stories April 2

Google detailing the ‘more technically intricate aspects’ of Stadia, starting with Controller setup

Since its inception, Google has maintained a Stadia Dev blog to make announcements about new tools, features, programs, and partnerships. The Stadia team is now using it to cover the cloud-streaming platform’s technical aspects with an eye toward achieving “simplicity in a world of complexities for our end users.”

Google Stadia Controller Stories October 20, 2020

Stadia Premiere Edition is down to $79.99 on the Google Store ahead of new game reveals

Perhaps the best way to play Google Stadia is by using the company’s own hardware. A Stadia Controller + Chromecast Ultra bundle generally costs $99, but ahead of new game announcements, Stadia Premiere Edition is on sale.

Google Stadia Controller Stories October 1, 2020

In addition to picking up USB-C headset support, the Stadia Controller now has an experimental “Tandem Mode” that helps expand accessibility and input options. It also lets you use third-party gamepads somewhat wirelessly when playing on the Chromecast Ultra.

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Stadia Controller now supports USB-C headphones on web and Chromecast

In addition to six new games coming to the Pro subscription this morning, Google announced that the Stadia Controller now supports USB-C headphones when playing on a Chromecast or the web.

Google Stadia Controller Stories June 30, 2020

One of the most unique aspects of Google Stadia is its controller, which instead of connecting wirelessly over Bluetooth, connects over Wi-Fi directly to your Stadia instance. Starting today, you can now use the Stadia Controller wirelessly when playing on your Android phone.

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Google Stadia Controller Stories June 28, 2020

In recent months, there have been a handful of changes to pricing for Google’s game streaming service. The Google Store this week is discounting the Stadia Controller by 10% worldwide.

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