Google Stadia Controller Stories Yesterday

After the announcement of Stadia’s launch date, it emerged that the Made by Google Controller would only work wirelessly with the Chromecast Ultra at first, and all other devices require a cable. Google today reiterated this point, and promised that more “wireless play” options are coming “soon after launch.”

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Google Stadia Controller Stories October 16

Google announced yesterday that Stadia is officially launching on November 19th, and revealed a slew of more details. The company also revealed that “wireless play” on the Stadia Controller will only work with the Chromecast Ultra at launch.

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Google Stadia Controller Stories October 15

One of the first announcements at Made by Google 2019 revealed that Stadia is launching on November 19. A number of new details have also emerged at the event today, including the Google Stadia UI for Android phones and TVs, packaging, and which mobile devices are supported.

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Google Stadia Controller Stories October 9

With Stadia expected to launch sometime next month, Google in recent weeks has been ramping up the game streaming service’s press tour. The latest provides a look at the user research and design of the Stadia Controller.

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Google Stadia Controller Stories September 10

Google Store briefly noted November 12-13 delivery date for Stadia Controller

Earlier today, Google made the Wasabi Stadia Controller available in all 14 countries where the game-streaming service is launching this November. The company has yet to specify an exact timeframe for the launch, but the Google Store today briefly provided a possible Stadia Controller delivery date.

Wasabi Stadia Controller now available in Nordic and Canadian Google Stores

When pre-orders for Stadia Founder’s Edition opened, Google allowed users to buy additional Stadia Controllers. Available in three colors, Google for some reason did not offer “Wasabi” in Canada and other Nordic regions. That’s changing today with the Google Store in those countries now offering the mint green color.

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