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Google’s Jigsaw publishes new quiz to test your ability to identify phishing emails

Millions of people fall for phishing emails on a daily basis. While some are incredibly obvious, others are actually fairly well hidden and average users can miss warning signs. Today, Google’s Jigsaw unit has published a quiz to test your ability to spot phishing emails.

Jigsaw Stories October 3, 2018

Formerly called Google Ideas, Jigsaw is an Alphabet company tackling global security challenges with technology. The incubator’s latest Android application is called Intra and works to combat online censorship of information and news sites.

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Jigsaw Stories September 18, 2018

At I/O 2018, Google AI was announced as a company-wide initiative that encompasses Google Research. Following that AI first approach, Google has been opening research centers around the world. The latest in France is now open, amid further expansion into the country.

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Deal: Get Pixelbook at 25% off: $750!

Jigsaw Stories May 4, 2018

Google enforces political ad transparency, working w/ Jigsaw to ‘Protect Your Elections’

Since the 2016 U.S. election, tech companies across the spectrum have faced criticism for how platforms were used by nefarious actors to possibly manipulate outcomes. Google today is announcing new advertising transparency policies after committing to them last year.

Jigsaw Stories July 20, 2017

After advertisers noticed that their ads were being placed alongside hateful and extremist videos on YouTube, Google promised that it would remove ads from the videos as well as protect viewers from potentially harmful messaging. Today, YouTube has announced that it will be using the “Redirect Method” created by Jigsaw to not only stop people from watching extremist recruiting material, but to also direct them to videos that debunk these groups…

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Jigsaw Stories March 14, 2017

Following last month’s release of a machine learning tool that identifies toxic comments, Jigsaw is launching a new utility that provides easy-to-understand examples for security-related terminology. Built with The Washington Post, Sideways Dictionary offers analogies for complex tech concepts.

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