Nomad Stories January 14

Nomad makes a lot of premium accessories for both Android and iOS devices, and today, it’s unveiling a new premium wireless charger. The Nomad Base Station Stand has a premium metal design, easy USB-C input, and fast wireless charging on most devices, too.

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Nomad Stories October 1, 2019

I love my Pixel, and I love my AirPods — both of them are essential parts of my everyday carry. But both being wirelessly-chargeable, I needed a wireless charging solution that could handle both at the same time. I decided to check out Nomad’s Base Station as one option, and so far I’m pretty happy with it.

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Nomad Stories January 23, 2019

Smartphone cases are often thought of as a dime a dozen, but for those of us who value protecting our phones, they’re a crucial accessory. There are literally hundreds of Pixel 3 cases out there right now, but lately I’ve been using Nomad’s Rugged Case for the Pixel 3 XL and I’ve got to say, it’s one of the best you can get. Here’s why you should get it now that stock has returned.

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