TiVo Stream 4K Stories September 1, 2022

Android TV gets a new competitor as ‘TiVo OS’ aims for smart TVs [U]

TiVo is a name best known for its DVR back in the early 2000s, but in recent years, the company has moved on to streaming with the TiVo Stream 4K based on Google’s Android TV platform, which hit the market in 2020. Now, though, TiVo has revealed plans to move into proper smart TVs, competing with Google’s Android TV.

TiVo Stream 4K Stories April 5, 2022

TiVo Stream 4K gets YouTube TV integration in live guide and search

The TiVo Stream 4K, which Google sent out to more than a few subscribers last year, is getting deep integration with YouTube TV to boost its live offering.

TiVo Stream 4K Stories August 27, 2021

Android TV system updates are less crucial than their phone counterpart, but they’re still a good sign of commitment from a manufacturer. For years now, the Nvidia Shield TV series has been stuck on Android 9 and, now, the company has confirmed it won’t see Android 10 at all.

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TiVo Stream 4K Stories July 1, 2021

Google is offering some YouTube TV subscribers a free TiVo Stream 4K or Chromecast with Google TV. It’s not clear how widespread this promotion is or if it’s related to the Roku dispute where the streaming service said it was looking for replacement devices to give to current members.

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TiVo Stream 4K Stories June 25, 2021

TiVo Stream 4K Android TV update fixes YouTube TV freezing issues in time for Google freebie

Just a week after Google announced it would give the hardware away to some of its subscribers, the TiVo Stream 4K is picking up fixes for a rough YouTube TV issue that caused the app to crash at random.

TiVo Stream 4K Stories May 13, 2021

TiVo isn’t done with Android TV yet, even though Google copied the Stream 4K’s big selling point [U]

About a year ago, the TiVo Stream 4K dongle made its debut, bringing Android TV to all for an affordable price and with a neat piece of software that could recommend and organize content. Sound familiar? Now that Google has built features just like this into its Android TV platform, it sounds like TiVo is planning to turn away.

Update 5/13: TiVo has confirmed explicitly that they are not done with Android TV.

TiVo Stream 4K Stories March 9, 2021

IMDb TV is now officially on Android TV; Nvidia Shield, TiVo Stream, Chromecast w/ Google TV

The first streaming service you probably think of when Amazon is mentioned is Prime Video, but the company also runs the ad-supported IMDb TV. Now, IMDb TV is officially expanding to Android TV.

TiVo Stream 4K Stories July 20, 2020

TiVo Stream 4K w/ Android TV erroneously sends Google security alert, can break Nest devices

The recent debut of the TiVo Stream 4K came at a great time for Android TV adoption, especially as the platform is one of the few places where new streaming services like HBO Max and Peacock can be viewed. However, a recently uncovered issue with TiVo Stream 4K and Google security alerts may give reason for caution.

TiVo Stream 4K Stories June 30, 2020

TiVo Stream 4K Android TV dongle extends its $50 price through the end of July

The TiVo Stream 4K was first announced earlier this year and, following a launch in May, it’s been relatively well-received. Now, TiVo is extending the launch price for the Stream 4K through the end of July.

TiVo Stream 4K Stories June 19, 2020

Streaming has taken over entertainment for millions of people, but when it comes to the live TV experience, that transition has changed a lot. With the TiVo Stream 4K, the company tries to deliver a product that appeases the typical streamer, but also the cord cutter. Here’s what you need to know if you’re in the market.

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TiVo Stream 4K update will fix HDR issues on the Android TV dongle

TiVo’s Stream 4K dongle is one of the few compact Android TV offerings, but it arrived with a handful of very annoying bugs. Following a previous update, TiVo has now confirmed another update headed to the Stream 4K will fix an issue with HDR.

TiVo Stream 4K Stories June 8, 2020

The TiVo Stream 4K is one of the few Android TV streaming dongles on the market today, and it offers a fair bit for its affordable price tag. Now, a few weeks after launching, TiVo is rolling out an update to Stream 4K owners that fixes a few Android TV issues, including where the homescreen would go blank and more.

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TiVo Stream 4K Stories May 6, 2020

After its debut at CES and a slight delay, the latest Android TV dongle is here. TiVo’s Stream 4K is set to offer a unique streaming experience in your living room, and for a limited time, the device is super affordable.

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TiVo Stream 4K Stories May 1, 2020

TiVo Stream 4K w/ Android TV misses April launch, coming in ‘next few weeks’

Android TV is prepared to make a bit of a splash in the consumer market this year with the arrival of some new hardware such as the updated Chromecast Ultra we reported. Now, though, one of those devices — the TiVo Stream 4K — has been slightly delayed.

TiVo Stream 4K Stories January 7, 2020

As was teased last year, a new Android TV dongle is hitting the market this year. At CES 2020, TiVo has officially announced the Stream 4K, an affordable streaming stick with a couple of tricks up its sleeve and a starting price of $50.

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