The highlight of every Pixel device so far has undoubtedly been the camera. Even despite other glaring issues, Google’s work on the camera has managed to keep users on Pixel hardware. As we approach the Pixel 3 launch, we’re curious how Google aims to improve things and now, the first samples have possibly leaked…

Nomad case for Pixel 3

Pixel 3 XL hardware has been floating around for a few weeks at this point, and slowly we’ve been learning new details from those who have the phone in hand. This week, a Russian user has posted pictures which he claims come from the Pixel 3 XL. It’s important to take this all with a huge grain of salt, but we know the hardware is out there and the London setting matches up as well, so these very well could be legitimate.

Since these pictures were posted on Instagram, we can’t obtain the full-resolution copies, but despite that, we’re still getting a pretty decent sense of the camera prowess on this device. Like the phones that came before it, these shots are sharp with great dynamic range, no doubt thanks to Google’s HDR+ mode.

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All of these shots are also available over on Instagram @khoroshev (1,2,3). Right now, it’s still largely unclear where Google is aiming to improve this year’s camera on the Pixel 3 XL following the stunning performance of the Pixel 2 XL. Leaks still point toward a single 12MP sensor on the rear, though, and two cameras for the selfie shooter.

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