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May 5

Several Google Stadia staff members join Jade Raymond’s Sony-backed ‘Haven’ studio

After news broke earlier this week that Google Stadia’s product lead John Justice left the company, it’s been revealed that more names are on their way out. Several more staff members from Google Stadia, and specifically Stadia Games & Entertainment, have left the company to join “Haven,” a Sony-backed studio by their former boss, Jade Raymond.

May 6

YouTube TV is now available on PS5, if you can get hold of one

Six months after going on sale, Sony’s PS5 now fully supports YouTube TV live streaming with a dedicated app from the PlayStation Store.

May 3

How many games have you redeemed on Stadia Pro, and have you played them all? [Poll]

Every month, Stadia Pro offers a diverse selection of games for subscribers to claim for free, which is sure to leave quite a few games unplayed in some players’ libraries. How many unplayed Pro games do you have in your Stadia library?

April 15

Risk of Rain 2 Anniversary Update arrives on Google Stadia w/ new survivor, more

One of my personal favorite games to dive into on Google Stadia has been the indie hit Risk of Rain 2. Now, Hoppo Games has brought the Risk of Rain 2 Anniversary Update to Stadia.

May 7

Stadia Changelog: Resident Evil Village launches, major Outriders update, more

As the gaming news drought continues, there’s some good news on the Stadia front. This week, Resident Evil Village arrived on Stadia alongside a major Outriders update and more. Here’s what’s new.

April 30

Stadia Changelog: Embr Premium Update, Legend of Keepers arrives, UI update, more

Closing out the month of April, Google Stadia had a relatively exciting week with a UI revamp, some notable game updates including the Embr Premium Update, and more, though only one new game arrived on the service.

March 24

DIRT 5 is now available on Google Stadia [Updated]

Update 3/24: DIRT 5 hit other platforms and consoles in early November of last year, but today the game is making its formal debut on Google Stadia. Available right now for $59.99, Stadia players are at a bit of a disadvantage, as the game was recently on sale for 50% of that price pretty much everywhere else, though Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox have all since reverted to $59.99. Hopefully, a new sale will extend to Stadia at some point.

March 16

Jade Raymond forms ‘Haven’ studio after leaving Stadia, working on new PlayStation IP

In early February, Google announced the closure of its in-house Stadia Games and Entertainment studios as well as the exit of industry veteran Jade Raymond. Now, Raymond has announced her next venture — the “Haven” studio that’s working on games for PlayStation.

April 1

OUTRIDERS joins the top FPS games available on any device w/ GeForce NOW

Some of the most popular video games in the world are shooting games such as Fortnite, CS:GO, and many others. Today, Square Enix joins the ranks with OUTRIDERS, and the highly anticipated title is available as one of the best shooters on GeForce NOW.

March 16

As Stadia stagnates, its exclusive games are becoming available elsewhere

So far, 2021 has not been a great year for Google Stadia, especially with the shutdown of Stadia Games & Entertainment and, therefore, all efforts toward first-party exclusive games. Simultaneously, many of Stadia’s exclusive titles are now leaving their exclusivity period and launching on other gaming platforms.

March 22

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard coming to Stadia April 1, free w/ Pro

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is coming to Google Stadia on April 1 and will be free to claim for Stadia Pro members.

March 18

Life Is Strange: True Colors and Life Is Strange Remastered Collection coming soon to Google Stadia

During Square Enix Presents, the company announced that the latest title in the ever-popular Life Is Strange series, True Colors, will be arriving on Google Stadia this year, along with remastered versions of the original games.

March 26

Stadia Changelog: Humankind delayed, Immortals ‘Eastern Realm,’ 3 new games, more

After a brutal couple of months, things are starting to heat up in the gaming industry with more updates and announcements. This week, the upcoming game Humankind announced an unfortunate delay as Immortals: Fenyx Rising picked up its Myths of the Eastern Realm expansion and more.

March 16

Dragon Quest XI S arrives on Stadia, bringing a definitive JRPG experience

One of the obvious goals for every gaming platform is to offer titles that appeal to every type of gamer. To that end, Stadia players can enjoy a definitive JRPG experience through Dragon Quest XI S.

March 11

Fallout 4, Skyrim, and more coming to Android tomorrow through Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft’s acquisition of Zenimax, parent company of Bethesda Softworks, id Software, and more, has come to fruition today, bringing many exciting games like Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to Android and more through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

March 9

IMDb TV is now officially on Android TV; Nvidia Shield, TiVo Stream, Chromecast w/ Google TV

The first streaming service you probably think of when Amazon is mentioned is Prime Video, but the company also runs the ad-supported IMDb TV. Now, IMDb TV is officially expanding to Android TV.

March 5

[Update: Out now] Saints Row: The Third Remastered reaches Stadia this week

This Friday, Stadia players will get a chance to start causing some major mayhem in the streets of Steelport, as Saints Row: The Third Remastered arrives for the streaming platform.

February 25

Destiny 2 will gain full cross-play between Stadia, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC this fall [Updated]

Destiny 2, one of the first entirely free-to-play games on Stadia, is gaining full cross-play support sometime this fall.

February 26

Report: Stadia missed user targets by ‘hundreds of thousands,’ dev team argued for beta period

A new report has detailed some of the circumstances that may have led to the closure of Stadia Games & Entertainment, including missed user targets and the developers’ desire to launch in beta.

February 24

Amazon Luna game streaming expands to Fire TV owners w/o invite as controller price hits $70

Cloud gaming has seen some big jumps forward over the past year as Stadia and xCloud have expanded in major ways. Amazon Luna joined the fray in mid-2020, but in an invite-only capacity. Now, Amazon Luna is expanding to more customers, as the service is now immediately available to Fire TV owners.

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