Flutter Stories October 1

In the last few weeks, Google and Apple have each released the latest version of their respective operating systems. The latest update to Flutter, Google’s cross-platform app development framework, gives developers the best of both Android 11 and iOS 14.

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Flutter Stories September 23

While Flutter first made its name for making it easy to create apps for iOS and Android, the app development framework has since grown to become the massively cross-platform epitome of “write once, run anywhere.” The latest improvement to Flutter makes it easy to create apps for Windows computers.

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Flutter Stories August 5

Flutter SDK 1.20 brings autofill support, updated Material UI, more

Google’s massively cross-platform Flutter SDK is launching a new update today, version 1.20, bringing autofill support to mobile developers, improvements to some common Material Design widgets, and more.

Flutter Stories July 8

Google’s cross-platform Flutter SDK has grown significantly since it first launched for Android and iOS apps, gaining support for the web, Mac, and Windows. Today, Google has announced that they’ve partnered with Canonical, the publishers of Ubuntu, to bring Linux desktop app support to Flutter.

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Flutter Stories June 17

Since shortly after its launch, Google’s Flutter SDK has been transitioning from a simple cross-platform framework for Android and iOS apps into an arm of Google’s “ambient computing” ambitions, with support for web, desktop, and more. Today, the Flutter team is showcasing their work-in-progress support for making apps on desktop platforms like Windows and Linux.

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Flutter Stories May 15

Microsoft releases guide to writing Surface Duo apps with Google’s Flutter SDK

Ahead of the Microsoft Build developer event next week, Microsoft has released a guide to developing apps for the Surface Duo using Google’s massively cross-platform Flutter SDK.

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