Flutter Stories August 30

Flutter 3.3, the latest update for Google’s cross-platform app development kit, brings more Material You widgets, an experimental new renderer that may wildly speed up your app, improvements to Dart, and more.

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Flutter Stories May 11

Flutter, Google’s massive cross-platform app development framework, has reached version 3, bringing Material You, Linux, & macOS support, and more.

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Flutter Stories May 10

Ahead of Google I/O this week, the company has prepared a free online pinball game featuring the mascots of Android, Chrome, Flutter, and Firebase.

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Flutter Stories February 3

For the last few years, the name of the game for Google’s Flutter SDK has been expansion: expanding the number of Flutter developers and expanding the platforms for which they can make apps. The latest update, Flutter 2.10, makes it just as easy to make apps for Windows as it is for Android and iOS.

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Flutter Stories December 8, 2021

Flutter 2.8 brings performance boost and new Dart features, as Google highlights Flame game engine

Flutter 2.8, the latest update to Google’s massively cross-platform app development suite, comes with an automatic performance boost and new features for the Dart language.

Flutter Stories September 8, 2021

The latest update to Google’s Flutter SDK, version 2.5, includes better support for full-screen Android apps, Material You widgets, and more while the Dart programming language gains Apple Silicon support.

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Flutter Stories May 20, 2021

[Update: First widget] Flutter SDK will be ready for the new ‘Material You’ design language

During the Google I/O 2021 keynote, the company shared their vision for the next generation of Material Design. Google’s Flutter team has committed to the massive cross-platform app framework being ready for “Material You” when that design language launches.

Flutter Stories May 18, 2021

Samsung is working to port Google’s Flutter SDK to Galaxy Watch and other Tizen devices

Samsung is working to make it possible for developers to create apps for Galaxy Watch, Smart TVs, and more Tizen devices with Google’s Flutter SDK.

Today during the I/O developer conference, Google launched version 2.2 of their cross-platform Flutter SDK and shared the framework’s incredible recent growth.

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Flutter Stories March 3, 2021

Microsoft is publicly sharing its efforts to improve Google’s Flutter SDK with better support for foldable devices, particularly the Surface Duo.

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During the Flutter Engage live event, Google bumped Flutter, its massively cross-platform app development SDK, to version 2.0, adding stable support for web apps and sound null safety.

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Flutter Stories February 8, 2021

Here’s Russ Hanneman from ‘Silicon Valley’ on a Cameo praising Google Flutter [Video]

Flutter is a development framework for creating applications on Android, iOS, web, and desktop. While it’s increasingly being used, the UI toolkit is not really meant to have a high profile to end users. That said, there exists a short video of Silicon Valley’s Russ Hanneman talking about Google’s Flutter.

Flutter Stories October 1, 2020

In the last few weeks, Google and Apple have each released the latest version of their respective operating systems. The latest update to Flutter, Google’s cross-platform app development framework, gives developers the best of both Android 11 and iOS 14.

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Flutter Stories September 23, 2020

While Flutter first made its name for making it easy to create apps for iOS and Android, the app development framework has since grown to become the massively cross-platform epitome of “write once, run anywhere.” The latest improvement to Flutter makes it easy to create apps for Windows computers.

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Flutter Stories August 5, 2020

Flutter SDK 1.20 brings autofill support, updated Material UI, more

Google’s massively cross-platform Flutter SDK is launching a new update today, version 1.20, bringing autofill support to mobile developers, improvements to some common Material Design widgets, and more.

Flutter Stories July 8, 2020

Google’s cross-platform Flutter SDK has grown significantly since it first launched for Android and iOS apps, gaining support for the web, Mac, and Windows. Today, Google has announced that they’ve partnered with Canonical, the publishers of Ubuntu, to bring Linux desktop app support to Flutter.

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Flutter Stories June 17, 2020

Since shortly after its launch, Google’s Flutter SDK has been transitioning from a simple cross-platform framework for Android and iOS apps into an arm of Google’s “ambient computing” ambitions, with support for web, desktop, and more. Today, the Flutter team is showcasing their work-in-progress support for making apps on desktop platforms like Windows and Linux.

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Flutter Stories May 15, 2020

Microsoft releases guide to writing Surface Duo apps with Google’s Flutter SDK

Ahead of the Microsoft Build developer event next week, Microsoft has released a guide to developing apps for the Surface Duo using Google’s massively cross-platform Flutter SDK.

Flutter Stories May 13, 2020

You can now use Adobe XD to create Flutter apps and UI

Back in December, at the Flutter Interact event, one of the more hotly anticipated announcements was a collaboration between Google and Adobe XD to benefit Flutter developers. Starting today, it’s now possible to use the Adobe XD design tool to create UI for Flutter apps.

Flutter Stories May 6, 2020

While Google I/O is no longer happening this year, many of the company’s planned announcements, especially for developers, are still going forward as intended. Today, Flutter, Google’s massively cross-platform app development framework, is launching its first stable update of 2020, Flutter SDK version 1.17, complete with support for Apple’s Metal graphics API on iOS devices.

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Flutter Stories April 22, 2020

Google’s Flutter SDK shares new release schedule, massive growth in India and China

Over the last two years, Google’s massively cross-platform Flutter SDK has seen significant growth both to their team and to the number of developers making Flutter apps worldwide. Today, the Flutter team is sharing some insights into how that growth will affect their release schedule going forward.

Flutter Stories April 15, 2020

You can now use CodePen to create and share UI for Flutter on the web

One of the most satisfying things to do after you’ve created a cool new design is to find a way to show it off, and for web developers, one of the best ways to do that is through CodePen. Today, Google is announcing a partnership between CodePen and Flutter to let developers easily create and share their designs online.

Flutter Stories April 11, 2020

As we face this time of crisis together, one of the most important things we can do — aside from washing your hands and maintaining social distance — is combat misinformation with the truth. To that end, the World Health Organization is launching an official Android, iOS and Web app for news, tips, alerts, and more to keep you informed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Flutter Stories February 25, 2020

Last year, Google and Lenovo partnered to launch a developer competition to create new clock faces for the Lenovo Smart Clock using Google’s cross-platform Flutter SDK. Today, the winners were announced, showcasing not only the developers’ capabilities but also those of Flutter.

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Flutter Stories December 11, 2019

Today is the Flutter Interact event in New York City, where Google is unveiling the latest advancements for their app development software Flutter. This year, Flutter’s focus is to expand on Google’s company-wide push for “ambient computing” by supporting more platforms like macOS.

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Flutter Stories December 6, 2019

Google’s Flutter SDK lets you create apps for Android, iOS, desktop, smart displays, and even the web. Thanks to that web support, it’s now possible to try out Flutter in the DartPad web app and get started making apps with nothing more than your browser!

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Flutter Stories November 18, 2019

Flutter launches developer competition to create clock faces for Lenovo smart displays

Over the last year, Google’s supremely cross-platform app development framework Flutter has expanded to both web apps and even smart displays like the Nest Hub. To encourage developers to think more about smart displays, Google’s Flutter and Assistant teams and Lenovo have launched a competition centered on creating a smart display clock face.

Flutter Stories November 5, 2019

Dart programming language version 2.6 released w/ native executable support

Google’s Flutter SDK has long let developers create native applications for Android, iOS, and more. Now, Flutter’s underlying Dart programming language is gaining the ability to create native applications for Windows, Linux, and Mac, with the release of version 2.6.

Flutter Stories September 10, 2019

At Google Developer Days China, Google has announced the simultaneous release of Flutter 1.9 and version 2.5 of the underlying Dart programming language, with a variety of new features like iOS 13 support.

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Flutter Stories May 7, 2019

Developers likely know all too well the struggle of having to create and maintain a consistent experience between mobile, desktop and web apps. Flutter has already bridged the gap between Android and iOS development, but now Flutter is expanding to the web, desktop and more, growing closer to the “write once, run anywhere” dream.

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Flutter Stories February 26, 2019

At last year’s MWC, Google announced that their Flutter app development SDK was ready to move from alpha to beta testing. Today at MWC 2019, Flutter is getting its second stable release, version 1.2, combined with the release of version 2.2 of the Dart programming language.

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Flutter Stories December 4, 2018

Today marks the debut of Flutter Live, Google’s first ever major standalone event for their Flutter app development SDK. In a surprise announcement at the end of the keynote, the Flutter team unveiled the work-in-progress Hummingbird project as a way to bring Flutter apps to the web at large.

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For years, Google has been working on a cross-platform app development SDK for Android and iOS called Flutter. Since entering beta early this year at Mobile World Congress, Flutter has seen incredible growth. Today, at its first ever major standalone event, Flutter Live, the SDK leaves beta with the release of Flutter version 1.0.

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Square partners with Google to offer two payment plugins for Flutter

Flutter Live is taking place today, marking the first major standalone event for Google’s new cross-platform app development SDK. One of the big announcements made today is the availability of two Square SDKs for Flutter. This allows developers to create cross-platform apps that can easily take payments both with and without the Square Reader.

Here’s where to watch the Flutter Live 2018 developer event [Livestream]

Google’s Flutter app development software has grown from its early beginnings to be an extremely powerful kit for developers. After being highlighted at both Mobile World Congress and Google I/O, the company now believes Flutter is ready for its own developer event, Flutter Live. Here’s where to watch the opening keynote for Flutter Live.

Flutter Stories November 19, 2018

Google releases Dart programming language version 2.1, teases Flutter 1.0

Google has released a minor update to their Dart programming language, version 2.1, focused on improving its overall performance. These improvements have been promised to reach Flutter for its upcoming 1.0 release.

Flutter Stories September 26, 2018

With the launch of Linux app support on Chrome OS, a new era of Android development has now emerged on Chromebooks. This also includes Flutter, Google’s cross-platform app development framework which has recently left Beta with its 1.0 release. Here’s a quick guide to installing Flutter on Chrome OS.

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Flutter Stories September 21, 2018

Flutter Release Preview 2 brings ‘pixel-perfect iOS apps’, more

In its second and final Release Preview before 1.0, Flutter, Google’s cross-platform app development framework, has added and updated dozens of iOS-themed widgets, for ‘pixel-perfect’ iOS app experiences.

Flutter Stories August 6, 2018

Version 2 of Google’s Dart programming language is now available

Dart, the programming language powering Flutter, Google’s cross-platform app development kit, and one of the primary languages used in Fuchsia OS, has officially reached version 2.0.0.

Flutter Stories May 7, 2018

Flutter gets ‘production ready’ in third beta, w/ accessibility support & Material Design refresh

In what has been a busy week of pre-I/O announcements, Google’s Flutter Team has announced the app development kit’s Beta 3 release.

Flutter Stories May 4, 2018

With I/O just around the corner, many are left wondering why Fuchsia doesn’t seem to be present. While that does, at first, seem to be the case, the truth is a little more complicated.

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Flutter Stories March 2, 2018

Earlier this week, Google’s new cross-platform mobile app framework Flutter hit Beta. To celebrate that, let’s take a closer look at what Flutter is doing for app development today, and how it’s preparing developers and users alike for Fuchsia.

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Flutter Stories February 27, 2018

Google’s MWC hasn’t involved any new hardware releases directly from the company, but we have seen a bunch of its initiatives progressing. Today, the company has officially announced the first beta SDK for its Flutter framework, designed to create fast, cross-platform mobile apps.

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Flutter Stories August 14, 2017

‘Hamilton’ app built with Flutter, the new Google mobile SDK also used for Fuchsia OS

As the hit musical Hamilton continues its cross-country tour, Lin-Manuel Miranda and company saw fit to create an app for fans. It features stickers, the opportunity to enter a raffle for cheap tickers, and more. Under-the-hood, “Hamilton — The Official App” also happens to be one of the first applications built with Flutter, which is also used as the UI layer for Google’s in-progress Fuchsia OS.

Flutter Stories October 2, 2013

Flutter, the startup that created a gestured-based music controller for iTunes and Spotify, has been acquired by Google according to a splash page on the company’s website. The Flutter app used a computer’s webcam to detect hand gestures for starting, stopping, or switching songs on iOSOS X, and Windows. Aside from iTunes and Spotify, Flutter is compatible with a variety other apps, including Quicktime Player, Rdio, and even Google Chrome.

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