Flutter Stories May 15

Microsoft releases guide to writing Surface Duo apps with Google’s Flutter SDK

Ahead of the Microsoft Build developer event next week, Microsoft has released a guide to developing apps for the Surface Duo using Google’s massively cross-platform Flutter SDK.

Flutter Stories May 13

You can now use Adobe XD to create Flutter apps and UI

Back in December, at the Flutter Interact event, one of the more hotly anticipated announcements was a collaboration between Google and Adobe XD to benefit Flutter developers. Starting today, it’s now possible to use the Adobe XD design tool to create UI for Flutter apps.

Flutter Stories May 6

While Google I/O is no longer happening this year, many of the company’s planned announcements, especially for developers, are still going forward as intended. Today, Flutter, Google’s massively cross-platform app development framework, is launching its first stable update of 2020, Flutter SDK version 1.17, complete with support for Apple’s Metal graphics API on iOS devices.

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Flutter Stories April 22

Google’s Flutter SDK shares new release schedule, massive growth in India and China

Over the last two years, Google’s massively cross-platform Flutter SDK has seen significant growth both to their team and to the number of developers making Flutter apps worldwide. Today, the Flutter team is sharing some insights into how that growth will affect their release schedule going forward.

Flutter Stories April 15

You can now use CodePen to create and share UI for Flutter on the web

One of the most satisfying things to do after you’ve created a cool new design is to find a way to show it off, and for web developers, one of the best ways to do that is through CodePen. Today, Google is announcing a partnership between CodePen and Flutter to let developers easily create and share their designs online.

Flutter Stories April 11

As we face this time of crisis together, one of the most important things we can do — aside from washing your hands and maintaining social distance — is combat misinformation with the truth. To that end, the World Health Organization is launching an official Android, iOS and Web app for news, tips, alerts, and more to keep you informed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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